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iHeartRadio Not WorkingSupport

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  1. jprow507

    jprow507 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone used iheartradio on the Incredible yet. I have it installed and it will say "buffering..." or "connecting..." but never actually connects. I am using it on WiFi.

  2. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    The application sucks. I can get it to connect once every 5 times if I'm lucky. I had it on my Eris with the same results. Bummer though, I like to listen to radio outside my area. I think I saw another radio app the I might check out.
  3. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

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  4. Huggles

    Huggles Member

    I'm using iHeartRadio to listen to my locam AM sports talk radio station. It works perfectly for me. Very fast at connecting. I'm happy with it.
  5. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    Crap, what the heck am I doing wrong? You on Wifi or 3G?
  6. Huggles

    Huggles Member

    I guess I've only tried it on WiFi.
  7. czm2000

    czm2000 Well-Known Member

    I used iHeart on my Moto Droid all the time. I haven't been able to get it to work on my Incredible either. Oct only tried it on 3G so I don't know if it works on WiFi. But it wouldn't matter because I'm never near WiFi when I want to use it anyway. I would love to be able to use it again.
  8. AcePuppy

    AcePuppy Well-Known Member

    I've tested both with no issues, the only time I have issues via WiFi (not at home) is in various places but its not bad, maybe because I live in a large metro area.
  9. Ellerbestyle

    Ellerbestyle Member

    I used iheartradio all the time on my iphone. I can get it to load on my incredible but the buffer seems really small. I was mowing the lawn and I was barely getting a signal from my wifi. It would keep dropping out. I tested to see if it was just the wifi connection, so I started up pandora and it never stopped playing once. I love the iheartradio app but they really need to fix it bad.
  10. Huggles

    Huggles Member

    Yep, take back what I said earlier, I was just testing it for a few seconds and it worked. Now it drops the connection after less than 5 mins then fails to reconnect.
  11. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    Just switched to RadioTime and wow, what a difference. Instant connect, all kinds of AM / FM stations, genres, everything. Best $3 I spent in a while.
  12. Ellerbestyle

    Ellerbestyle Member

    Trying Radiotime right now.
  13. Sphagnum

    Sphagnum Well-Known Member

    The problem with RadioTime is that it doesn't do any ClearChannel radio stations. So if you have a specific talk show or radio program that only plays on Clear Channel owned stations (like for me), then the only option is iHeartRadio.

    iHeartRadio worked perfectly on my Moment when I had 1.5, since I upgraded to the leaked version of 2.1 I can't get it to buffer at all, it's completely non-functioning. Is this just the leaked version of the OS? Is anyone able to run iHeartRadio (even for a minute) on a v2.1 device?
  14. tsecurity

    tsecurity New Member

    Loaded Iheart,,,,will not work on the Inc. Connects then,,,,buffering,,,no sound.
  15. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Well-Known Member

    No problems with iheartradio here. It works 10x better on the Inc than it did on the Eris.
  16. drogan4

    drogan4 Member

    I downloaded RadioTime and it works great for the local stations, but am I right in assuming that you have to be in the area of the stations for them to work?

    Im in Atlanta and I am trying to listen to a station in Birmingham. It says it connected but I get no sound.

    Just wondering.
  17. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Well-Known Member

    I've never used RadioTime, but if it's like iheartradio, no, you don't need to be in the listening area of the station. It's not using FM. And this might seem like a simple question, but have you played with the volume rocker while trying to listen to the station? The ringer volume and the media volume are independent of one another.
  18. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    Are you sure about that? I listen to a Progressive Talk radio station, The Thom Hartmann show, which is Clear Channel.
  19. Sphagnum

    Sphagnum Well-Known Member

    Last I read, yeah Clear Channel was blocking every other alternate to streaminging (I've found a few that have worked off and on, but not consistently).

    But, since Sprint released the official 2.1 update for the Samsung Moment, iHeartRadio has been working like a charm so I suppose I can't complain anymore :D
  20. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Well-Known Member

    same 4 me
  21. drogan4

    drogan4 Member

    Well I have been playing with RadioTime ever since my last post. And I looks like you don't have to be in the area to get the signal. It does work just like Iheartradio.(only 10 times better).

    I can get every radio station that I click on no matter what state it is in, except the one that I want in Birmingham.


    Still the best $3 I have ever spent.
  22. eucheebrown

    eucheebrown New Member

    What is the deal? Hit & miss in listening to my favorite radio station out of West Palm Beach, FL.94.3FM. Tired of seeing "buffering" forever. Another is "Lex & Terry" where I keep seeing "buffering". This must be investigated ASAP! These 2 stations are the only reason I have Iheartradio app.
  23. Sphagnum

    Sphagnum Well-Known Member

    Ever since I updated my Moment to the official 2.1 upgrade from Sprint, iHeartRadio has worked flawlessly on any radio station I've tried. Only problems I have now is when I travel through small towns with lousy cell coverage, not enough bandwidth to stream! But that's not the apps fault.
  24. edyang

    edyang New Member

    Based on the recommendation of this thread, I paid for Radiotime (only $1.99 now!) and haven't looked back. Fantastic selection of local and national stations, and rock solid deliverability. Thanks guys!
  25. bio-nuke

    bio-nuke New Member

    i have been using iheart radio since drex was talking about it and would listen to it at work. since drex left iheart worked for a week or two and now i can't connect. it was my fav app now i'm trying tunein but when i connect to mancow it plays for about five min and stream goes idle. is this due to sprint ? could it be sprint putting blocks on me?

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