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  1. DroidPrec35

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    Hi, I'm about six weeks new to the droid world and from what I see it's a big step up from MetroPCS crap phones that isn't android. I have a Samsung Precedent with StraightTalk and i was wondering if anyone can suggest cool apps and updates and all that stuff so I can trick out my phone. Also, on a side note, I just rooted my phone quite successfully but I'm not sure what rooting is yet and what all I can do with it but I hear that it's similar to jailbreaking an iPod. Please explain/ suggest cool stuff for my Precedent. :adore:

  2. DroidPrec35

    DroidPrec35 Member

    Oh, what I'm looking for is speed from my phone as in how fast the apps run and my network.
  3. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Great to have you here as our newest member here at AF, you've come to the right place to learn about android and get help with it and your device and more.
    You can find your devices area of support here Samsung Galaxy Precedent and it's all things root section too where you can get helpful info and troubleshooting on your device. Rooting kinda is like jailbreaking and is the android equivalent. When you root your device you get full administrative access to every part of your phone that would normally be off limits to the average user. You can change/remove your OS and install a whole new custom OS (Operating system) on your device or as it's also called a custom ROM. You can tweak and change your whole phone to your liking by making it faster, slower, and less hard on the battery. There's much more to do, but you have to be very careful when making tweaks to your phone or you can do serious harm to it and potentially brick it. (break) Bricking is when you modify the software to the point where it is no longer functional and has the functionality of a brick. So always do your homework when attempting to root and when attempting to make changes to your rooted device and you'll be fine.:) If you have anymore questions or need help please feel free to ask. Enjoy the forums. :)
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  4. DroidPrec35

    DroidPrec35 Member

    How would I be able to go about changing the OS? Are there apps that I have to download or would I be able to do this through my phone?
  5. Metroid Prime

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    You would need apps to do these kind of things, but I have never rooted before but I do have knowledge about it. Go to google play and download clockwork mod and ROM manager and be sure to do your homework on how they work and what to do. If you brick your phone your carrier wont do anything, because once you root your device your warranty is void. There are many custom OS's or ROM's as there also called for download that give your device a whole new flavor and look. You can even get the latest OS custom ROM for your device, but some ROM's if new aren't always stable and may have a lot of bugs, but the devs who make them will update them and fix these with feed back from people. I don't have much knowledge on flashing different ROM's (downloading a custom OS) so it is best to head to your devices all things root section and ask there to get the best answers from the pros.:)

    EDIT: Be careful when downloading root only apps for they require a whole lot more permissions than normal apps do and can do more harm if they are malicious. So take great time and really look into these before downloading them and use good judgment, read the comments, check the rating, and ask around here is your unsure. :)

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