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IM client that saves conversations?

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  1. wwdarkpaw

    wwdarkpaw New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 29, 2009
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    After searching the forum and asking in Chat, I felt I needed to post a thread, sadly.
    I'm a new owner of a Motorola Droid on the Verizon network, and I'm searching for one of two things.
    1) A multi-IM client that uses SMS, and thus won't disconnect when I'm on a call.
    2) A multi-IM client that uses data, but won't close my active conversations when it disconnects. Would be nice if it'd try try reconnect (unless I tell it not to) after the call is done.

    Small about and reasoning: For those who don't know, Verizon uses the CDMA network, which is incapable of handling simultanious data and voice streams. Hence the recent iPhone commercials about being able to run data applications while on a call.
    So whenever I make or take a call, I get disconnected from Meebo, or eBuddy. And when I get disconnected, my conversations close.

    So....anyone out there know an App that will fill this need? Preferably the second one?


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