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  1. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

    I am just back from a shop in Beijing with my brand new Lenovo 3GW101.

    I changed the setting to English but I want to change the firmware. What would be the best option? I want something efficient, idiot-friendly, customisable.

    Preferably with a FAQ/ step by step method (Im also new to this whole Android stuff).

    Also another silly question: can/need I unsimlock/unjail my 3GW101?

  2. King_bob

    King_bob Well-Known Member

    Home Page my wole site revolves arround updating the lephone.... and it has pictures :D
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  3. Fishzn

    Fishzn Member

    Great page King_bob! Any personal recommendations of which ROM to use on the lephone? I'm still currently on the official LEOS V2.0 as it does most of whats required. What do you personally use on your lephone? Thanks for the advice again :)
  4. King_bob

    King_bob Well-Known Member

    I myself like the custom cool blue, since it seems to have the leanest fitting, with the least amount of problems. Of course there are features missing that would need to be installed seperately if needed (exchange mail and tethering app for example).

    though I have to admit the things I am hearing about the new chita Firmware are also fairly good (i still have not figured out on what android it is based, though Ill know more when I know if skype video calls work over the front camera).

    some people also swear on the gingerbread native... though it has too many problems for my taste.
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