I'm cooking up a Rom now guys!!!

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  1. cowboy270

    cowboy270 Member

    Just hold on and be patient i started a Rom last night and im going to be working day and night to get it out to yall ASAP. Im going to need a few testers so let me know!!

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  2. Ruis07

    Ruis07 New Member

    please make it based on 4.o or up i want to update my phone XD
  3. pepsiman6886

    pepsiman6886 New Member

    I have a metro pcs lgms 695 and looking for a rom for it. My issues are it will not open up the google play store app...even if I reinstall it. Picture messaging is gone. I did both factory reset and also the hard reset...both did nothing to change these problems. I have no problems testing a rom on this phone. I just want to get it back to the day i bought it from metro.
  4. jcp512644

    jcp512644 Member

    Hey Cowboy, was wondering did ya finish that Rom for METRO. LG optimism M+ would love to try out a new Rom, thanks keep me in the loop please...thumbs up...
  5. jlede

    jlede Well-Known Member

    He's probably a troll getting hopes up for y'all
  6. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

  7. allblue81

    allblue81 Member

    "LG Optimus M (rooted with various roms but always came back to Reppard's CM7), Archos G9 80 250GB" what rom is that and how and how can i get it and install it. is wifi working on angrybananas optimus prime?

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