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I'm deaf, need app with visual alert for sms/email!

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  1. gkazantzis

    gkazantzis New Member


    I want the alert to be so noticable so they can catch my attention!:eek:
    Don't mind about battery consumption


  2. If your phone has LED notification on it you should be able to set it to blink upon receiving an SMS or email message in the settings.
    If your phone has a multi-colored LED, you can set it up with the free 'Blink' app, in the Market, to show specific colors for specific message types and accounts.
    If your phone has no LED, you can set up the screen with the free 'No LED' app, also in the Market, to flash upon receipt of SMS or email messages.
    This last m.o. seems to require recharging a lot, I understand.
    I use the 'Blink' app.
  3. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    You might try NoLED. You can customize the icon colors, make them blink and set the time before they change position on the screen. Damn fine app, especially for free.

    NoLED - Android app on AppBrain
  4. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    I think in the settings of the SMS and email apps, (depending on your phone), you should be able to set the notification to vibrate.
  5. Nightwind Hawk

    Nightwind Hawk Well-Known Member

    I use Handcent SMS which has a popup window, changes the LED to solid blue, and vibrates and I usually can feel that vibration anywhere in the room!
  6. coos lick

    coos lick Well-Known Member

    I also use sms pop up on my stock desire using the HTC messaging app. If you are using the phone, it will pop up the sms message in a little window. Makes it difficult to miss even when playing games.
  7. holgalee

    holgalee Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if automateit or tasker have features that can help. Perhaps someone can check for George. I just uninstalled automateit as it seems to techie for me. :p
  8. gkazantzis

    gkazantzis New Member

    Thanks for your help guys!!!
    I forgot to mention that i use a HTC Desire Z.

  9. alonsc

    alonsc New Member

    Check out this product - LightOn. Designed exactly for what you are looking for: to provide visual SMS/Email/call alert. Supports any phone. Based on vibration detection.

    The company who manufactures it is called Dreamzon.

    It's available in 17 countries and online...


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