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I'm getting the "Not enough space. Remove some applications" message...

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  1. Nooski

    Nooski Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I have CTmod 3.68, Hyper 2.5 and a 16GB SD card

    There's about 2.4GB left on phone and 13GB on the card.

    Trying to install a 3MB app. How is that not enough?

  2. Phrant1c

    Phrant1c Well-Known Member

    Just to check, is there anything else not working? certain downloaded or system apps not showing up? is it possible you unmounted something in CWM? That happened to me with my Prevail.
  3. smokinjoe1979

    smokinjoe1979 Well-Known Member

    ---Not sure what caused this issue for me. I had been flashing various PRLs and switching back and forth between Markybeats and CTmod. When I tried to reinstall a few apps I got a message that my sd card did not have enough space. Anyway...... I did a clean install of CTmod and now everything is working as it should. Just my two cents. Not really a solution or any insight. :rolleyes:
  4. cjreyes666

    cjreyes666 Well-Known Member

    Clear data from system app google services framework as well form the google play store then reboot.
  5. kahuama

    kahuama Active Member Contributor

    Apparently happens every time you flash a new rom on your phone, in my case I switch from mark beats to stock zv4 root, to ctmod, en every time I had that error but the fix its simple... after install the new rom, go back to recovery mode and RE wipe all data and cache, then of curse you will have to RE enter you email address to play store and problem solve! believe me I done it lots of times ;)

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