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I'm having issues...

  1. verditsgerman

    verditsgerman Active Member

    So here's my story. I'm really hoping someone can help...

    I rooted last week. Followed the instructions perfectly, all went well. Really got comfortable with HBOOT, etc. I flashed CM6 RC-3 and it was working pretty well. I was getting google framework force closes and couldn't send MMS at all, so I decided to try Sky Raider w/Vanilla. First though, I ran unrEVOked Forever and did the 2.15 radio flash (as well as a new splash screen from unrEVOked) which required me to format my SD card as FAT32. I copied everything off of my SD card and formatted, then copied everything back.

    So then I flashed Sky Raider 2.5.2 Vanilla and everything was working great. I could send MMS, no force closes on anything. But then I rebooted. Once I rebooted and got back in to the OS, I was greeted with a Google Framework FC, Handcent FC, and ChompSMS FC. I tried everything I could think of, but couldn't figure it out. So I reflashed the ROM thinking maybe I had a bad flash or something. Worked great, then rebooted and again everything went to shit.

    So last night I just left it alone, then this morning I formatted my SD Card back to FAT from FAT32, thinking that could have had something to do with it. No dice. So then I opened up ROM Manager and looked at the extras to see if anything looked like it could help. I saw "Extras" in the Sky Raider folder (I think that was the name of it) so I selected it and the phone reflashed. I was assuming to install the extras I selected. My theory is now that it wiped the ROM and tried to JUST install the extras on top of nothing (but then I don't know much, maybe I'm wrong) and long story short, I'm now in a boot loop.

    Not sure if I should pull my battery and recover or if that could brick it or what, so I'm hoping someone has an idea. If I do pull the battery and recover, boot loop aside, am I just screwed with Sky Raider? Should I go back to CM6 RC-3 and deal with the crashes and the lack of MMS? Or should I try FrankenROM or one of the others? It sucks becauseI really liked Sky Raider when it was working properly.

    Please note that I am not claiming this is anyone's fault but my own. I am not trying to blame the ROM guys or anything. They do some awesome work and I am fully aware that I am quite stupid. Can anyone help me? I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance!

  2. verditsgerman

    verditsgerman Active Member

    Update: After doing a bit of reading, I have found that I should not have done a wipe when I installed the extras. Frick. Can I yank the battery and recover or will that brick my phone? I might end up just going back to 2.1 if I can't get this working right. I'm sitting here freaking out watching my phone in it's boot loop thinking "This will be the time.. GOOOO! Damn."
  3. verditsgerman

    verditsgerman Active Member

    So eh, I restored to my CM6 backup and am going to go back to the 1.XX radio and try sky raider again...
  4. verditsgerman

    verditsgerman Active Member

  5. Ptriz21

    Ptriz21 Active Member

    **** yo skyraider
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  6. verditsgerman

    verditsgerman Active Member

    I will kut you peetriz. CM6 > Sky Raider. Don't be a gurl lawlawlawl
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  7. verditsgerman

    verditsgerman Active Member

    Plz dont ban me peetrz is my fren

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