i'm having trouble with the android music player putting the tracks in am album in the wrong orderGeneral

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  1. dcbjr96

    dcbjr96 New Member

    If you dont want to read all of this skip to the part that says long story short I have an android. Zte warp. It runs gingerbread. 2.3.4 and the music player is irritating me. I just did a factory reset on my phone and the album covers for The Fame and The Fame Monster by lady gaga were messed up. The fame monster had the bad romance single cover as the entire album cover. And the fame had the lovegame single cover as the entire album cover. This happens every timebi do a factoey reset or get a new phone. So i decided to buy the fame momster deluxe edition off of amazon. It has both albums. I bought it so it would show the correct album covers. But amazon did not have the explicit versions of Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Dance In The Dark, or Monster, so i used the explicit versions of the songs i already had on my phone and moved them to the album i just bought and erased the clean version.ms. but now the track listing is messed up within the album Paparazzi is number 4. Its supposed to be track 11. Speechless is number 6 its supposed to be number 4 And dance in the dark is number 3 its supposed to be number 5. LONG STORY SHORT how do i put the track listing in the correct order? I already used iTag and put the track numbers how they're supposed to be but thst did not change it at all. Help please. Sorry its long

  2. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    I can not help with your problem other then recomending you some wonderfull players to try out and test.I lhonestly tried out over 17 and paid for 6 before I found the one that I now call my favorit and then there is a very close second one.I never liked the stock player
    Ok why can't you just hook it up to your desktop/laptop and open up your music folder and move them as you like
  3. nefcpainter119

    nefcpainter119 Well-Known Member

    With all the experience with the music players with are you personal top 5? I have a few favorites but ime really into nice headphones and I've noticed that the stock player is louder than most others. But has less features :banghead:
  4. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    nefcpainter119 this is a simple list sorry I did not have time this Morning to elaborate on them im heading out to New jersey for the day to hit the Boardwalk and Casinos.Give any that you did not try a go these are all in the Play there are some others that i enjoy but you can not get them in the Play.

    1. n7player

    2.PlayerPro Music Player with the DSP PACK

    3. 3^ (CUBED)

    4.Poweramp Full


    Headphones that i use with the warp.

    1.jaybird wireless Headphones Gets the most use now in the summer Biking,Running,Hiking,Kayaking,And yard work

    2.Bose ie2 headphones At home for Music,Audiobooks,Podcasts,Relaxation & Guided Meditation

    3.Klipsch S4A Premium Used Same as above i found them on the ground in the bike lane on the River by my home about this time last year they hang out on the night table in the room where the Magic happens[​IMG] :proud:

    4.Then we have a mess of the right side Bluetooth earpieces and chargers in the cars and truck and in a basket by the one desktop computer 50% of the time there dead i am the only one who attempts to keep them charged i swear :hello:
  5. dcbjr96

    dcbjr96 New Member

    My desktop has a virus. Can i change the order using My Files app in my phone?
  6. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    Check out a program for PC called TagNRename....awesome way to organize your mp3's ...and the music players read the id3 tag's, which are most likely screwed up, BTW, if your PC has a virus, that is fixable....contact me.......

    edit: the filename itself ideally you want NOT to contain numbers, but leave the numbers for the .id3 tag.
  7. dcbjr96

    dcbjr96 New Member

    Trust me. My pc is not fixable. It beeps like its gonna blow up when i press the power button, then doesnt turn on
  8. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    Beeps = bios code = diagnostic code
    most likely you just need a new power supply...
    lookup beep format code if u want to see if its fixable..

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