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I'm I gonna have to root?Support

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  1. albanymike

    albanymike Well-Known Member

    I'm I gonna have to root to by pass the throttle at 2.5 gigs? Can I stream slackers at 256k?

  2. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    Are you actually past the 2.5gig? I do all my streaming on WiFi so it don't count.
  3. albanymike

    albanymike Well-Known Member

    90% no but some times I use the data in the house to get my 40 worth
  4. aiq

    aiq Member

    Wow! Just wow! So you would rather browse on 200 kbps rather than 20 mbps just to get your measly 40 bucks worth?
  5. albanymike

    albanymike Well-Known Member

    funny I forgot to say I have 4G, so I get 8 -12 mgs down. so yes I do use it just to get my 40 worth. After I said that all I get now is 4 to o8 mgs
  6. ragepowder

    ragepowder Member

    I've had my phone for a day now and I can say that I've haven't had the need to root and I don't see myself rooting the phone anytime soon. I guess it's because I'm constantly in an area that has a wifi hotspot open: School, work, and home.

    I do stream music from google music and I've already eaten through 150 mbs of data but I think I'll be okay.

    Haven't even tried 4G yet. Kinda just bought the phone cause it's bigger and faster than the prevail and I picked it up for 80 bucks.

    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    How did you land that deal!
  8. albanymike

    albanymike Well-Known Member

    I would love to by pass the throttles and get ride of time Warner. Never use my computer. I do use wifi and I can't pick up free net or any free wifi. Tw is gonna do a price hike as always.
  9. ragepowder

    ragepowder Member

    Perfect timing. A lot of money owed to me was paid in a single day. Didn't really have an idea of what to spend on it, till I saw used my galaxy prevail and thought I needed something better after almost 2 years.

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