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  1. Chris623

    Chris623 New Member

    I just activated my first android phone........a Motorola Bravo........with Consumer Cellular. I've never used a smart phone before, so every single thing about it is "Greek" to me. When I went to Consumer Cellular from AT&T, I thought a smart phone would be nice. I use a cell phone primarily for voice communications. I've sent about 10 text messages since getting my first phone back in the 90's. But I thought it would be nice to have a qwerty keyboard, just in case. I also envied seeing others have access to weather reports and a few things like that. I will never listen to music, play games, visit social networks or any of that. I may eventually need to Google something for info. My web usage will be minimum. So I ordered the Bravo. Immediately I start noticing all of this web usage showing up on my data usage site. In fact, in less than 5 days, all of my 5mb was used up and exceeded. I contacted them and asked what the problem was. Turns out there are so many things running in the background that I had no idea were activated that it was connecting me to the web every time I turned on the phone. Got hold of a fellow in Consumer Cellulars Support who told me to install the Advanced Task Killer Free program and "sort of" walked me through getting things killed on my phone. I say "sort of" because I have 111,000 plus kb on my bill and still counting......as long as I have my phone on.

    I'm desperately trying to find someone with enough knowledge to literally walk me through turning this darned smart phone into something like I wanted in the first place...........a cell phone, text phone and occasional web access tool. (but only when I want access!) If I don't find help, I'm going to be paying through the nose for stuff I'm not using. HELP!!!!!

  2. Chris623

    Chris623 New Member

    I finally got Consumer Cellular Support to walk me through my phone setup, step by step. I had already done everything they were telling me..........and I was still being charged for time on the air, when (supposedly) nothing was connected to the Internet! So I just gave up totally on the Bravo. Am sending it back to Consumer Cellular. I'll get a phone that isn't "tethered" to the Internet!
  3. wowplayer12

    wowplayer12 New Member

    OK SO, i root my Motorola Bravo and desided to get CM7. i was told NOT to wipe my data. so i didnt. and ziped it from boot screen. Then rebooted. Then it sat at the boot up screen and stayed there. I pulled my battery out. rebooted to recovery utility. WIPED everything. date/ cache. rebooted phone. NOW it is staying at the motorolla boot screen with the M in the middle. PLEASE HELP. I do have a backup from clockwork mod.
  4. Morely

    Morely New Member

    Actually, what you *should* have done was turn off data.
    1. go to Settings
    2. Choose Data Manager
    3. hit Data Delivery
    4. uncheck Data enabled

    After that, just turn data on when you *need* to access the Web over 3G, and turn it off again when you're done. Since 99% of the time, I am at a wifi hotspot of some kind, my data is off almost all the time.

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