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I'm kinda screwed huh??General

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  1. MikaFred

    MikaFred New Member

    So.....switched from a BlackBerry to the G2x (Love the phone btw)....well in the process I lost all the videos that we on the memory card.
    Thumbnails of the videos are still there, but the videos....gone.
    I'm guessing they're lost forever. Am I right?

  2. aquaitious

    aquaitious Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing it was on a microSD card?

    What does it say when you check out the free space of the card? (Settings>Storage>SD Card Total Space)

    If it sounds about right, then it shouldn't be. I'm not too familiar with BlackBerry's, but is it possible that the videos were left on the phone itself and not the SD card?

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