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I'm looking for Funny Movie Maker BUT FOR ANDROID

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  1. pinkybrain

    pinkybrain Well-Known Member

    Funny Movie Maker by electric french fries for iphones is cool but I can't find it or similar for android. Any suggestions?

  2. pinkybrain

    pinkybrain Well-Known Member

  3. pinkybrain

    pinkybrain Well-Known Member

  4. tjbender81

    tjbender81 New Member

    I hate to resurrect a post from two years ago...but is there ANYTHING OUT THERE like funny movie maker (where you use a picture of someone else but replace its mouth with yours and can record short movies). I've spent almost an hour and can't find squat on the play storr. Does crAPPLE own some kind of patent on it or what?? Is there anything out there at all??!

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