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  1. JOBNED1

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    Okay I somewhat recently (within the last year) bought a Samsung Galaxy Prevail from Boost Mobile. Since the first time I've heard about rooting an Android phone I've been tempted to do it to mainly get rid of some of the problems I have with it standard. To be honest I'm very stupid sometimes when it comes to a lot of information thrown at me at once...

    Anyway, I'd like to root my phone. I've seen multiple guides here some have links to things that no longer exist or say they are no longer being updated and when I do read them I get terribly confused on what I'm actually supposed to download. There are a few main things I want to do after it is rooted. I want all apps to be on the card instead of System Memory, I want to be able to share my 3g coverage via wi-fi, and I want to remove most of the things I never use that come standard and won't let you uninstall (Hookt, Layer, and a few others).

    I'd really appreciate it if someone took the time to take it slow with me and help me root it. Also I've looked at the newbie and dummies guide on here and got lost in those as well. Also this is my first day ever on this forum so I don't expect a fast reply but I would very much appreciate it if someone took the time to help someone so utterly overwhelmed as me.

  2. vce2005

    vce2005 Well-Known Member

    Best suggestion : Download the files needed like drivers, baseband and ROM than install the Samsung drivers, Use Odin ( incl. in FE16_ROOT_CWM5.zip ) to root the Prevail..... Doing all that takes like all together 20 minutes.........

    1. Drivers :
    32-bit Windows : http://db.tt/eGN4acLK
    64-bit Windows : http://db.tt/IlIkQ4BV

    2. Baseband FE16_ROOT_CWM5.zip :

    3. ROM CTMod3.75

    4. Rooting Guide : FOLLOW EXACTLY !!!

    PS: DON'T UNZIP THE "CTmod3.75.zip" FILE !!! This file will be installed as is from SD-CARD, after you Odin the FE16 base band !!!

    If you have any specific questions, just ask and one of the guys here will help yah..... ;)
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  3. JOBNED1

    JOBNED1 Member

    first off all my computers are Windows XP well the desktop I'm on right now is dual booted Windows and Linux still I'm on the Windows boot right now.

    Yeah a friend helped me dual boot this a while back...
  4. vce2005

    vce2005 Well-Known Member

    Just download all the files and follow the "Dummies" guide !!!

    If you aren't sure of something, ASK FIRST !!!! ;)
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  5. JOBNED1

    JOBNED1 Member

    Yeah I was reading the Post version of the Dummies guide and got down to the download Odin bit and was like, "Wait what one am I supposed to be downloading?". Anyway thanks for the bit of info. Maybe now I can do the rest it says lol.
  6. vce2005

    vce2005 Well-Known Member

    Odin is included in the FF16 download..... This is the file you need to unzip to a folder of your choice.....

    DON'T unzip the CTMod3.75 file, just copy it to your SD_Card as the guide says....
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  7. JOBNED1

    JOBNED1 Member

    I have as of this morning successfully been using a rooted phone. Have a few issues to work out now but other then that it is doing great. Thanks again for your help!

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