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  1. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    After a week, I think I'm falling in love with my NT! Rooting has made it uber functional and I've been gorging on the $.10 apps/games and the Amazon free app of the days. Absolutely blows away our old gTablet, this thing is in use almost all day. I take it with me as a ereader and when it comes home, the kids take it as a game machine. After kiddie bed time, I use it to surf the net while veging in front of the tube. Now my wife wants one too. When they eventually start blowing out the refurbs via ebay like they do for the Color, I may pick up a couple more. I know there's still the bootloader issue, but all in all, great job B&N!

  2. scootmcdoot

    scootmcdoot Well-Known Member

    Maybe you can help me. I will be buying 2 tablets on Dec. 23rd (cutting it close, I know) and I am at my wits end on what to pick up. I need the tablet to do 3 things, #1) Run the android market. I'm pretty sure I can sideload all of the corny apps my kids like to play from the market, so I think I am good here. #2) Run Netflix smoothly. I am also pretty sure this is also a check plus, so I am also not too concerned on this one. #3) I need Webzinz.com to work on the tablet. This is very important, but unfortunately I think its a heavy flash site and I'm not sure if this would work out of the box on this website. Also I think they like friv.com. I think that is also heavy flash. Would you have any idea if these sites would work on the tablet?

    I would love to root it, but not right away. I also don't want to spend much more on the tablets and availability that close to Christmas also concerns me. I would really love a HTC Flyer, but finding one Is getting tougher by the day and the price is a touch more then I want to spend.

    Thanks for your time and I hope you can help a struggling dad out.
  3. Indirect

    Indirect Member

    You're Welcome!!! :p

    Kidding, glad you like the device though. :3
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  4. Indirect

    Indirect Member

    1) you need to root to run full android market
    3) Flash works out of the box and with android market, you can update just fine.

    I know rooting seems tedious but the latest version of my script offers great customization to turn it into an android tablet with what you want on it all with you just clicking a few keys.
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  5. scootmcdoot

    scootmcdoot Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I know I will eventually root it, but I am going to hold off for a bit.

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