I'm moving from the Droid Eris to the Droid Incredible and i have some question?General

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  1. danmil05

    danmil05 Well-Known Member

    First off, i want to say thank you to all those who have helped me since i got the phone late jan. I am switching because of the deal Wirefly is offering.

    Ok first, i brought an extra battery (Seidio 1750mAh) and was wondering does anyone know a good website to sell it, also for a pack of screen protectors? I'm not sure about other sites like ebay (Never used it), i usually sell stuff online to online companies. The same applies to the phone itself.

    I'm not sure if this on topic so either disregard or I'll delete later. I have a car charger for the droid Eris, not sure which brand but will it still work for the Inc? Also, is there a better deal for an extra battery other then what Seidio is offering? Also is the screen on the Inc. just a durable at the Eris in which i don't have to get a screen protector?

  2. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    you're probably better off selling your extra battery and screen protector
    as a bundle on ebay. there are too many ones that just sell the single
    product on its own, doing a "combo" will be better, and you can get away
    with charging a little more shipping.

    the charger should still work, as long as the Incredible stayed with Mini-USB
    plug. but it might have switched to Micro-USB.

    for your other questions, can't help you there, sorry.
  3. ttran97

    ttran97 Well-Known Member

  4. Randino

    Randino Well-Known Member

    Keep that battery and use it in your incredible...a better option is the 1500 mAh battery available on Ebay.
  5. rabi

    rabi Member

    you do know wirefly is a scam, right?
  6. optdoug

    optdoug New Member

    Why is wirefly a scam?
  7. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Well-Known Member

    Come on dude. You are worthless to the forum when you mislead others with wrong info that you didnt even try to back up with proof.
    WireFly is NOT a scam.
  8. uceagle21

    uceagle21 Member

    i would keep the battery if i were you. it should fit into the incredible and also give you the option for changing batteries if needed. I also have an extra battery with the extra battery charger and i plan on moving to the eris when my update comes up. unfortunately my update is in may :( maybe a better phone will come out by then :)
  9. Joe Eris

    Joe Eris Well-Known Member

    Here's the thing, if you buy a phone from wirefly and something goes wrong, software wise, you can't take it in to a verizon store and get a refurb you have to deal with wirefly. I don't know their policy, but i'm pretty sure it involves you putting out some money if you need a replacement :( {UPDATE} I did a little research and discovered that if you;pay your bill late, switch the phone to a different line, lower your pricing plan, or return a phone in less than pristine condition with more than 30 minutes of use on it & (you only have 14 days to return a phone) anyway, if you do any of these things after purchasing a wirefly phone, you will be charged the FULL RETAIL PRICE OF THE PHONE which in the case of the Incredible is 0ver $500.00 so, you may not call it a scam, but it sure is a hell of a lot of hoops to jump through and egg shells to walk on

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  10. Joe Eris

    Joe Eris Well-Known Member

    read this ^ True it's not an illegal scam, but thats a whole lot of cons for one pro :rolleyes: ^

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