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  1. jason41987

    jason41987 Active Member

    i purchases an asus transformer infinity tablet roughly 2 months ago, and it was all fine and dandy until i decided i wanted to do a factory reset and clean off all the useless data i had been building up trying out different apps.. so because it was unlocked via a program supplied by the company, it wasnt under warranty

    well, the recovery image was corrupted, and because of this it essentially erased the operating system and i had to send it in for repairs... this is the good part

    so to reflash the software, they claim they have to replace the entire motherboard (yeah right, theyre just going to reflash the motherboard thats already in it and send it back).. also, theyre asking me to pay six times the cost in shipping than what it cost me to ship it, so theyre over-charging in return shipping too... thats $161 + $65 shipping for a total of $226 for something thats not going to cost them a dime to fix, and only $10-$15 to ship

    i also sent an LCD monitor back about a year ago that was under warranty and they made me pay for shipping it to them, cost a quarter the price of the monitor and when i got it, about one full week later the problem was back, and then some

    has anyone else been having problems with asus products?... i remember when they used to be reputable, if they hadnt been i wouldnt have given them a second chance with this tablet.... but they lost me as a customer forever... and i hope more people follow suite until they clean up their acts

    $226 to reflash and send it back.... half the price of the tablet itself.... un-freakin-believable

  2. palmtree5

    palmtree5 Sunny Vacation Supporter! Moderator

    Hi, I've moved this to the ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700T forum so the people there can see it
  3. jason41987

    jason41987 Active Member

    this isnt a transformer issue, its an asus business ethic issue which covers all of their products... an issue that prospective buyers should be aware of before purchasing... instead of having to listen to a bunch of fanboys defend bad business practice because it conflicts with their alliances towards a simple brand name
  4. reelpirate

    reelpirate New Member

    I have one that is a little over 2 months old as well. Mine is not rooted and under warranty, but it will not boot. I have done several factory wipes. After spending hours setting everything back up it does the same thing. Cold boot, reset, recovery (which does not work either), doesn't matter. Only way to start back up is to wipe. This is my 4th cycle of this. I now have an RMA to send it back, but I think they have some serious quality issues. I am stuck with my piece of garbage, but I am making sure to tell everyone I know.....stay away.
  5. Muqtar

    Muqtar Well-Known Member

    That is most unfortunate that you ended up in that situation. I wouldn't say these forums are full of fan boys or defenders of bad business practices.

    I had a problem with my TF200 in that it had some antennae issues, but office depot allowed me to exchange it for a TF700 series.

    I blew up my motorola photon at one point and was so despondent and angry at the world. In the end, looking back, I should have left the damn thing alone and not rooted/flashed it. Man was I upset at Marc in the moto forums when he gave me the "stay away if you dont know what you are doing" comment.

    Long story short, I used that as a learning experience to stay the hell away from messing with things that I didn't know how to, or couldn't afford to fix. I can blow up computers all day long because I can ALWAYS fix those. Phones and tablets, not so much. I leave my ASUS tablet and Samsung Galaxy II the HELL alone because I am afraid of bricking them.

    I would say eat the $225 +/- and attribute it to bad luck. I hope you find peace in your final decision. I would say the product is pretty solid, the company is probably sick of sending replacement tablets, so they jack the replacement tablet cost through the roof, and you have a lesson learned the hard way.

    Take care man.
  6. jason41987

    jason41987 Active Member

    i have no problems with other devices, and work with embedded stuff a lot... but this... this is just a poorly made product at a high price and poor customer service to back it... and i always thought of asus as being better than that... im using it as a learning experience to never by an ASUS product again...

    heck, i just had to toss out one of their LCD monitors because the screen started messing up really bad... RMA'd it under warranty (i still had to pay $40 to ship it there) and a week after getting it back, the problem returned, so instead of paying $40 a pop even with a warranty ive already replaced it with a different brand... so im staying away form asus from now on, theyre simply not the product their reputation would suggest they are
  7. jason41987

    jason41987 Active Member

    at this point.. i honestly dont care about the tablet anymore... sure it was fun playing with touch screen stuff, but... eeh.. its like how the nintendo wii is fun at first with their motion controllers... then it becomes a chore and you just want to sit back and relax..

    and i didnt like android.. this may just have been a "lemon" but i hated android to be perfectly honest.. i figured linux and open source is cool, so android must be awesome too, so wrong... android for me was so glitchy, so laggy, crashed constantly, and i had one software error after another... so i dont even want a tablet anymore... something i can use for a camera and GPS, fine, ill get a smart phone for this.. but outside of that i dont really want to deal with it anymore.. id rather just have a good, solid, and above all CONVENTIONAL computing system such as a netbook, or PC

    that being said... what would be the best course of action for what i have left?.. pay the outrageous price for repairs and sell it as factory refurbished, or just get it back and sell it on ebay "as-is?"
  8. far

    far New Member

    I am new to Android but not to Asus. I have been using an Asus EEE pc - 1000H for 4 years without any problem. It runs on Window XP of course. I bought a Infinity pad TF700T last month. The first day I touched the touch screen did not function after several touches!. I sent it back and fortunately for me it was replaced by a brand new one about a month later - at no cost to me. However, I am totally lost with the android system. I really do not know how to go about it. I wish there is someplace I can go and get myself educated. I have an immediate problem too: I downloaded a pdf file which I want to save to a folder in the hard drive. I do not know how todo this. I shall be very thankful if any kind soul out there can help me with this problem. Thank you. :confused:
  9. jason41987

    jason41987 Active Member

    do you know much about linux?.. android uses a linux kernel, meaning the basic coding is that of linux.. however, with linux, this a desktop environment is typically ran on top of this kernel, giving you a window manager, desktop, start menu, etc

    but on android, java machines run on top of the kernel... this means all these "apps" are like individual java consoles.. and i believe its within this java environment that android runs into a lot of its instabilities...

    now if you could install the linux libs of an ARM supported distro, run x11 and a desktop environment on top of that, while eliminating the android user interface, but still allowing enough of an android system to exist to allow downloading and running their mobile apps i believe you would have absolutely the most perfect tablet operating system... because lets face it, android panders to the cell phone users, and on a big 1080p screen its really crying for real desktop, like a notebook would use with desktop program capabilities from linux
  10. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I am sympathetic to your plight but ASUS lets you know before you use the Unlocking Tool that it voids the warranty and they are under no obligation to repair any hardware damage. I have had good experiences to date with ASUS products for my business (3 PCs, a handful of monitors, 3Tablets) but I could tell similar stories about Samsung, Dell , and Apple. It sucks when you fall into a manufacturers failure percentage and I am sure I will get a lemon ASUS product at some point. Either way you are going to lose money on the deal but maybe if you get it fixed you will be able to sell it on eBay and make back at least the cost of fixing it plus maybe half the cost of buying it. Or possibly someone will buy it at the purchase price minus the cost of repair?
  11. jason41987

    jason41987 Active Member

    sikclown, its not an issue of warranty that makes me angry about it.. its the things they dont tell you about their bootloader, what they kept a secret from the consumers....

    see, normally if you unlock a tablet, and brick it somehow, in this case, a bad backup image when i was resetting it to the factory configuration, you can plug the tablet into your PC, press power and up on the volume at the same time and it connects with nvflash, which is nvidias USB flashing tool

    with nvflash, you can reflash the BIOS, the bootloader, and roms, you can rebuild the system, and had nvflash not been blocked on the newer asus BIOS's, it would have cost me nothing but a few minutes to repair it myself... they dont tell you nvflash is specifically blocked in the new firmwares... why would they block a tool designed to repair your tablet yourself?.. simple, so you couldnt repair it yourself giving them the unfair ability to charge you whatever the hell they want for a repair

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