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  1. navydude

    navydude New Member

    hello everyone im new and using this as my first post.

  2. navydude

    navydude New Member

    Sorry for the double post but i could not post a link in my first post. Ok i would like to crossflass my Rogers Galaxy S Glide i927r to the att i927 captivate glide version. The att has a few more features and would like to also update to ICS 4.0.4. I was going to use this tut on rooting my phone. My main concern is changing the firmware to att and is it safe to upgrade to a non-realeased version of ICS? Thanks for any info.
  3. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Well-Known Member

    HEad on over to XDA to get all your questions answered:
    Samsung Captivate Glide - xda-developers

    Lots of Rogers people have the official ICS leak on without any issues. Now that the official ICS came out from AT&T I'm waiting for the devs at XDA with the AT&T bloatware removed and the ROM pre-rooted.

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