Im new to Rooting and Flashing~Help D:

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  1. WolfyPaws

    WolfyPaws New Member

    Hello! Im new to this stuff with my Android, And would greatly appreciate help D: I REALLY don't want to brick my phone because sprint will not replace it. And~ Im broke to buy a replacement -.- What im wanting to do with my phone is to learn as much as possible before jumping in, as all pros say i should. All i want from my phone being flashed and rooted is to be able to change the OS into ICS and change the boot to have an animation =3 In order for all of you to help out ill list the specs of my...

    ~HTC Sprint Evo Shift, Didn't want to forget that. I currently have...
    Model-PG06100(Doubt that matters o.o)
    Im running Android 2.3.4,
    HTC sense 2.1,
    Kernel version
    Software Number 2.77.651.3
    Well this is a wrap and i hope someone helps me out! :D Ask me if i left out anything i need to add...ALSO~ What ROM should I use? o.o THANKS!

  2. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

  3. crump

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  4. WolfyPaws

    WolfyPaws New Member

    I HAVE to downgrade to use that Very detailed thread link? If not then can i go to rooting after i read it?

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