I'm new with an old phone, the my Touch 3G

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    Aug 23, 2011
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    I'm new, so this is only my 2nd post. Currently I'm running a T Mobile My Touch 3G (no 3.5 mm jack built in) and I'm looking forward to updating my phone when my plan is up in October. I've loved my phone since I got it, but it's definitely a first gen device and is showing it's signs of irrevelence. But for the next couple of months I would like to get my phone running as fast as possible and it looks like this is the place to get the info.

    FYI - I run the 2.2 updated OS and it runs just as fast as the original. I was told by the "phone guy" at my store (he sells verizon phones) that a reason for my problems stem from overloading my phone with apps, so this morning I started deleting apps that are just "there" and they don't need to be. I am getting better performance, but not to the point where I'm like "that's freakin impressive". Its running as fast as when it was brand new. I still don't think that's fast enough.


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