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  1. Templar112

    Templar112 Member

    I'm trying to use Kies to update my Galaxy S but it's saying I got the latest, last time Kies gave me an update it was 2.3.3. I sent samsung an e-mail and they just said I should be able to update to 2.3.5 now either through Kies or update on the phone itself - but it's not giving my any update!

    What can I do? Samsungs crappy support system won't let me reply but only create a new support issue which will take forever to answer and I'll probably just get same useless answer.

    I have not done anything out of the ordinary to the phone. It has not been to a workshop or repair. I think I did a hard reset to get 2.3.3 working properly after Kies update a long time ago, but that's it.

    Please advise.

  2. Templar112

    Templar112 Member

    I have found:

    I9000XXJVT ## 512.PIT 2.3.5 2011 September 29 CSC = I9000OXAJVT
    I9000XXJVT ## 2.3.5 2011 September 29 CSC = I9000OXAJVT

    Over at sammobile forums, but unsure which one to pick... And how to install... They differ a lot in size.
  3. Christars

    Christars Member

    I can't help, but I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Huh, I didn't even know 2.3.5 was out, I just believed Kies when it told me 2.3.3 was the current version.

    ...stupid Kies. Crappy thing anyways.
  4. toshiba

    toshiba Member

    I shall join on this one too, I have a sim-free SGS, and im on xxxJVO 2.3.3 with Kies showing no new update for me either, yet I gather that just about all users of a CPW SGS have now been able to update to 2.3.5.......so glad im not only one with this issue.
  5. Templar112

    Templar112 Member

    I ended up taking matters into my own hands learning all about Odin3 and the different files included in firmware releases and got a much better grasp on which one to pick and from where. I now got 2.3.6 successfully installed using the latest official open europe build from the XDA forums.

    Uninstalled Kies altogether.
  6. bind00

    bind00 Well-Known Member

    Sim-free SGS here too (UK) being told JVO/2.3.3 is the latest version.

    I really don't want to learn all that ODIN stuff. I can't make head nor tail of it all. Where the heck is the Kies update?
  7. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Member

    Exact same here, in UK, SIM free Galaxy S and cannot update beyond 2.3.3 using Kies. I don't want to do the techy stuff, I just want to know if anyone has successfuly updated beyond 2.3.3 using Kies and how they did it? Thanks.
  8. Shine.

    Shine. Well-Known Member

    Kies is a complete Bag of S***. It shouldn't even be avaible for download. And for all you non techy people its not that techy..If you can download a file to your desktop then choose the file in odin your good to go..oh yeah and press vol down+power and home on your phone to access downlaod mode.
  9. rynlpin

    rynlpin Well-Known Member

    2.3.5 is available on UK Samsung Galaxy S TWOs, not us.
  10. Shine.

    Shine. Well-Known Member

    You can get newer than 2.3.5 with odin
  11. Templar112

    Templar112 Member

    I wrote a reference article to myself about how I did it, it's pretty easy when you just know what to do. Maybe it can help some of you out:

    Android Update for Galaxy S I9000
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  12. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Member

    Thanks, so "officially Samsung" my Galaxy S is at the end of its upgrade-able life? 2.3.3 is the last version upgrade I'll ever get through Kies?
  13. bind00

    bind00 Well-Known Member

    A couple of examples of reasons for my reluctance:
    and the linked thread at XDA being a mere 51 pages long!

    Thanks though. I guess I'll end up doing it this way eventually.

    Why did you choose OXA instead of SER, AUT, etc.? There's just so much unexplained stuff out there.

    What is PIT? On the XDA site there are no fewer than four separate lists of Jargon and PIT doesn't appear in any or them. Neither does XDA. :rolleyes:

    Technical Terms and Jargon
    FAQ - XDA-Developers

    Acronyms - XDA-Developers

    Glossary - XDA-Developers

    Jargon list
    Jargon list - XDA-Developers
  14. Templar112

    Templar112 Member

    That's why I wrote the article, so I wouldn't spend hours next time doing it :) And only the first page on the posted XDA thread link is relevant.

    PIT is Partition Information Table, only used for re-partitioning your phone, which isn't necessary from 2.3.3 to 2.3.6.

    XDA is just an acronym for Phone and PDA I think.

    I picked OXA because it's the CSC file that has the most country/carrier customizations like APN settings etc in Europe. It's not really important which CSC you pick, as long as your phone is not locked to a specific network which you can check with *#7465625#.

    I was really looking for XB, since I'm from Norway, but it only means I had to set up the MMS and Internet APN afterwards myself which only took 1 min extra to do.
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  15. rynlpin

    rynlpin Well-Known Member

    Not everyone is comfortable flashing their devices. My phone is insured, surely this'll void it?

    The thing that I don't understand, in one of Google's recent conferences, they said every Android device released will receive TWO firmware upgrades before they stop. Granted, the SGS has upgraded from Eclair, to Froyo and to Gingerbread, but WHY can't we receive the rest of 'Gingerbread'? Android 2.3.3 is flawed in so many ways and I'm slightly disappointed I'm forced to manipulate my device for it to work to an acceptable level...
  16. bind00

    bind00 Well-Known Member

    Thanks again Templar112. That's very helpful.
    I found CSC in one of the four jargon lists. APN I found elsewhere. I now know PIT where before I was only thinking PITA.
  17. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Member

    I agree, the bugs in 2.3.3 mean the device seems "unfinished" to me. I am disappointed in Samsung over this, to be honest.
  18. Templar112

    Templar112 Member

    I've been in contact with Samsung 3 times now, on phone as well. Just to try get a better picture of the official upgrades that should be available through Kies for the SGS I9000. I began by sending 2 separate mails - since you can't reply on answers.

    Support correspondence #1 (mail)
    First time I asked in general if 2.3.5 was supposed to be available through Kies - yes it should they said, unless I had invalid software installed from e.g. workshop.

    Support correspondence #2 (mail)
    Second time I asked specifically if 2.3.3 was the last version to be available for the I9000 (based on RyanLupin's statement in this thread) - and it was true, 2.3.3 is the last one to be released for the I9000 through Kies.

    Support correspondence #1 (PHONE)
    Third time was through the phone, I was tired of short and rather meaningless replies on e-mail. I asked over the phone if I9000 was only going to receive 2.3.3 and no higher version through Kies - she replied that she was not sure, and was going to check with someone else and put me on hold ... When she got back she said:

    "If Kies does not give you a higher version, it's not meant to be upgraded anymore. Other than that we can't really tell you, because it depends on the network provider, exact model, and other things."

    So I asked her: "What exactly do you mean? What should I look for specifically?"

    She replied: "All we know is that if you don't get a newer version through Kies, you're not supposed to".

    I was left speechless and overwhelmed by the superior level of support I just had received, so I thanked her for her time and said good bye. Of course this COULD have been 1 specific bad case of support buuuut... It's still rather crap and at least they could have written something official about it or explained it better. :eek:

    One specific thing I don't understand yet is, why do official firmwares even exist over at the XDA forums if they don't publish them through Kies to everyone. The last version worked on my phone in my country, so they could have released it. And my phone has never been locked to any network provider, so that's no excuse either.
  19. bind00

    bind00 Well-Known Member

  20. rynlpin

    rynlpin Well-Known Member

    Is there anything we can do about this? Like perhaps badger Samsung into releasing an official statement as to why we're forced to see-out our contracts on such a ridiculously sub-standard version of Android.

    Whatever happened to that Android Update Alliance pact?
  21. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    Seems a strange situation because in the past phones that were sim-free always got updates before phones tied to a provider.

    My SGS is on Orange and was updated to 2.3.5 a few weeks ago (previously 2.3.3). This is third or maybe fouth update IIRC.
  22. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Member

    Hmmm, I like my Galaxy S, but I'm really disappointed by the state of Android 2.3.3 seeing as Samsung appear to regard that as its final version for my handset. Do other Android handset makers (HTC etc...) treat customers this way too? My next phone may not be a Samsung at this rate.
  23. Shine.

    Shine. Well-Known Member

    "Treat customers" customers this way? Man phones get older and every company will eventually not support an older device, yes galaxy s is considered old now. There are a few STOCK updates you can flash on easily with Odin
  24. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Member

    Quite, but I do tend to use a phone for about 5 or 6 years at least before I replace it.
  25. rynlpin

    rynlpin Well-Known Member

    Dude...the phone is 18 months old. Android 2.3.3 is a RIDICULOUS final update. Seriously.

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