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  1. brendinzz

    brendinzz New Member

    so i jumped off the apple ship about 5 months back i love my sgs but i am geting sick of the little lag here and there, so i though cm7 would be a good idea, i searched it and have heard of many ppl useing the vibrant cm7 mod just perfectly since our phones are so similar so i went to this page:
    Samsung Vibrant: Full Update Guide - CyanogenMod Wiki
    and i didnt realized that i shouldnt be have been using the rooting part of the steps as those are ONLY for vibrants so i did all of the "Rooting and Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on the Samsung Vibrant" steps only to realized i messed up cause the overstock kernal i downloaded there is incompatable with my phone,
    now my phone doesnt like be plugged into anything or else it goes in to a boot loop: it has a spinning loader then shows the grey battery for a bit and then starts over untill i unplug the cable, i can boot it up just fine and use it but cant plug it into anything not even the samsung charger, how ever if i put it in recovery mode the computer will recognize it but odin3 wont, so how do i get rid of this stupid boot kernal and put everything back to bone stock.
    thx guys
    i dont have much time cause my battery will die in the nxt few days

  2. brendinzz

    brendinzz New Member

    nvm, i fixed it by flashing a stock kernel using Heimdall
  3. sneek4

    sneek4 Member

    It doesn't look like you need help anymore, but yes flashing back a stock kernel and then working from there is typically what I do in this situation.

    I am not sure why, but Vibrant Kernels seem to reboot whenever plugged in. I first noticed this with Bionix 1.3.1 (pre flashing on Stock+Voodoo)

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