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I'm out of ideas, beg help!Support

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  1. UL7RA

    UL7RA New Member

    Some days ago I traded a PS2 and some money for a Motorola Milestone. I noticed that it already had CM7 installed. All works fine, exept that it is locked to Orange Romania. I ordered unlock codes on multiple sites, they didnt work and I asked them to refund. There's a strange thing: 2 of the sites sent me the same codes -that must be the one- but when I enter it, it's the same error "The code has failed to unlock the network". I thought that it's a good idea to wipe my SD Card, and install some other custom rom. The same error
    I cant use the phone because it's locked and I have Vodafone RO.

    I bought the codes with multiple sums of money: 10$, 7 Euros, 5 Euros
    The service shop of Orange RO said that it costs 30 euros to unlock the code - too much- and the closest unlocking shop don't even know how to unlock it (I went to them and they said: "Oh, we don't even know how to unlock this phone")

    I can say that Motorola Milestone gave me the biggest headache I've ever had, with Optimus One I unlocked it, installed ROM for myself with no problem and all of it's features still work fine.
    So, here I am, with a very good unusable phone, begging for help on this site. Maybe some kind of "prince" will save me and my new phone.

    If you read it all, thanks.

  2. ellianth

    ellianth Active Member

    They generate the unlock code using the IMEI number. Are you 100% sure that you gave them the correct IMEI number?

    I had a Milestone up until yesterday, and this was the site I used to unlock mine: Link. If you haven't already maybe you can give them a try.

    Good luck!
  3. UL7RA

    UL7RA New Member

    I am 100% sure that I gave them the correct IMEI number, and I dont want to risk anymore, maybe I'll buy a Orange prepay card...

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