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im so happy! 3g in DetroitGeneral

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  1. dullah14

    dullah14 Member

    Well I manually updated my prl and amazingly I woke up to 3g speeds and I don't mean spotty hear and there. Full 3g speeds. Lol I registered and posted this just to let you guys know. And the best part is I did it all on my phone.

  2. stackboi_tank

    stackboi_tank Active Member

    Lol yea mines been on 3G all week. The internet speed is just way faster!
  3. divagirl

    divagirl Well-Known Member

    Would you guys mine sharing what area you are located in? Also which prl your using, Im in the 8 mile Evergreen area and using 3023 prl and my 3g is in and out.......Also slow!
  4. dullah14

    dullah14 Member

    I'm using 3024
  5. jpr8

    jpr8 Well-Known Member

    Sterling Heights here. I've tried prl 3020 & 3024 without luck as of this morning. What city are you guys in who are getting it...maybe I'll take the drive and see if I can get it.

    Also is it actually showing the 3G icon? Or are you getting faster speeds while showing the 1x icon? Just curious cuz I'm still seeing the 1x but have not done a speed test in a couple days...guess I'll try another test.
  6. dullah14

    dullah14 Member

    it actually shows the 3G icon with all the bars. did you try prl 3022?
  7. kandvallely

    kandvallely Member

    im in the metro Detroit market, can someone please explain how to do this and change your prl settings? I've never done this before so if someone could give a step by step process id really appreciate it, thanks!
  8. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

  9. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    hey everyone. I'm in the detroit area and can't seem to get 3g anywhere I've been. I'm a bit south west of downtown (downriver area) and currently have prl 3024. Anyone think that downgrading the prl to the 3022 or 3023 will change anything? I'm just sick to death with these slooowww 1x speeds! Any improvement would make me happy.
  10. kandvallely

    kandvallely Member

    I think we have the same issue. I followed the guide to change your PRL settings in the link above, and my prl setting is at 3024 but i dont think i have 3G speeds... any suggestions would be great.
  11. jpr8

    jpr8 Well-Known Member

    OK I have now been getting intermittent 3G while driving around town but nothing at or near home (Sterling Heights). I am using 3024. As someone asked above would using an earlier version of the PRL help? I would assume that the latest version includes the earlier versions PLUS additional coverage.
  12. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    OK...finally I have seen the 3g icon a few times just a second after I unlock the screen. Doesn't stay on long enough to get a speed test or no data is transferred while the icon is on. I managed to get some screen shots but pretty useless. I stay all around the Taylor, Allen Park, Southgate, Lincoln Park areas. I have been in Taylor the few times I've seen it. I hope it comes back on solid and stays! Would make me very happy!

    Optimus M 2.2.1 stock ROM minus all bloatware PRL 3025
  13. undacova

    undacova Well-Known Member

    Grab the lte on/off app from the market and force it to evdo and see if that works for ya...
  14. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    Yeah I got that one, thought it would be different from the *#*#4636#*#* menu but it isn't. No big deal, but I have been seeing the 3g icon every time I unlock my phone. But when I try and do a speed test or use the internet it will revert to 1x. If I don't use data or try a speed test it will stay on. Before I would see the icon but no data being transferred. Now the icon will show the arrows up and down but like I said it will go back to 1x as soon as I try a speed test.

    As I write this (from my phone) I see the 3g icon but as soon as I click send or whatever it will go to 1x to get the page to show.

    I was able to do a speed test while the 3g icon was up and I notice a big difference in ping (on 1x it would be 800-850ish and with 3g its like 200-300), but as soon as the ping test is done it will say network communication issue or something.

    Seems like I'm seeing it more and more and hope it stays. Using the latest (I think its the latest) prl, 3025.

    UPDATE: Since my last reply I have seen the 3g icon pretty steady throughout the day. Have been sucsessful in doing speed tests and always get a decent ping score. But the download is still pretty much 1x speed. Its almost like the test doesn't start u til the progress bar is 40-50% and I get 30 kbps to 120 (sometimes less then 30kbps download). Thats while the 3g icon is on solid and shows the data activity arrows. i do notice there are a tiny bit faster browsing speeds while on 3g, but no speed test will reflect that with it's results.

    Happy to see more then just the 1x icon but the speeds are still not like people have claimed. Hopefully as time goes on it gets better (like it seems to be doing) and lots of customers will be happy.
  15. jpr8

    jpr8 Well-Known Member

    Can someone explain what these two things do?
    How they help with 3G?
    Do I need to do one or the other, or BOTH?

  16. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    The app and the "secret" menu (*#*#4636#*#*) are the same thing and take you to the same place (hidden secret menu). Within it, you can switch from cdma auto prl to cdma only and ev-do only. If you have 3g coverage in your area using a later prl (3020-3025) then you can keep it on cdma auto and it will switch between 1x and 3g on its own. If you choose ev-do only and your not in a 3g area then you will get no service (just switch back to cdma auto or cdma only), and cdma only I read is only 1x and will not switch to 3g where available.

    You don't need both as they take you to the same place to switch the setting. The app makes it a bit easier cause you don't have to manually type the number sequence in the dialpad to get to the "hidden secret menu". So either way will work but grab the app and save yourself the typing...

    Still have had the 3g icon on solid since my last posts, but still crappy speed teat results. Browsing speeds with all browsers (metro web, opera, dolphin, skyfire) are noticeably faster though! So I'm a bit happier when not on wifi. Maps and navigation are more responsive with way less loading times and seem to reflect the faster connection we seem to be experiencing. Would be satisfied with better speed test results to help convince me I'm getting the better speeds I'm thinking I'm seeing. Even capped higher speeds others have reported would be great. But overall, I am experiencing better browsing speeds atleast.

    Also checked my settings for network type and it says evdo rev 0. As someone stated there might be a difference between rev 0 and rev A.
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  17. i cant remember the last time i saw the "1x" sign ^_^
  18. jpr8

    jpr8 Well-Known Member

    U in Detroit area? Where specifically? What prl are you using?

    I updated to 3025 and am still not getting 3g at home in Sterling Heights...didn't think to check it while I was out driving around town today.
  19. jpr8

    jpr8 Well-Known Member

    OK forgive me if this is a silly question but I have to ask...why would you have it on anything BUT CDMA auto?

    3G is not guaranteed by MetroPCS so you would not want to leave on Ev-Do in case you drive OUT of a 3G signal...then you have nothing.

    If you have any chance of 3G then you don't want CDMA only either because you would never get the faster speeds.

    It seems to me the only logical choice is CDMA auto...unless I am missing something.
  20. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    You are right...I was just explaining the different settings that I have been reading around the boards. I keep it on auto as should most, unless you never leave a "3g" area. But even though I have had the 3g icon for a few days I still have yet to see the speeds some claim.

    Whenever I use the speed test app the ping test flies by, but stalls at the download test and doesn't even start testing the speed until the test its at like 80-90%. Then the upload test continues like normal. I'm seeing speeds as low as 4 kbps, usually like 30-60 kbps and not higher then 100 kbps, ever. But oddly with my phone showing the 3g icon I do indeed have faster browsing speeds. Does anyone know of another speed testing app or site that is compatible with our Optimus?

    Now as far as where I'm seeing the icon...I am in the Taylor, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, and Southgate area and only list those as thats where I've been and seen the 3g icon the entire time.

    I updated to prl 3025 when it was released but didn't see any change for a couple days. Then started seeing flashes of the icon when first unlocking my phone, then as time went it started to stay. Now it hadn't went away once (only in my basement it goes back to 1x). I'm still curious about the speed test issue, but the little improvement in browsing speed (all browsers) has made me happier already. Navigation and maps load noticeably quicker and pages open faster as well.
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  21. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    I didn't bother to read above just wanted to share this. I live in westland work in Detroit. I get to work and my wife text me and says she has an urgent voicemail notification but when she calls no voice mail is there, I asked her what the notification looks like and she says 3g! I have been on prl3019 not wanting to pointlessly update manually. So, I check my settings and I am now @ 3025 rev0. My 3g icon only has 1 bar.

    EDIT: I am now getting full constant 3g signal as I type this at home, I swear this site loaded faster than the wifi connection I am able to pickup around here (unsecured) also my battery was @ 39% when I went to sleep and 26% when I woke up so I don't think 3g is touching battery life at all.

    I did run a couple speed tests last night and they are bad... I would suggest not matching them to your actual speeds because they definitely are not accurate for me.
  22. jpr8

    jpr8 Well-Known Member

    There are a few free options in the market. I have personally used the 2 by OOKLA. Speedtest.net and another one call FCC Mobile Broadband Test.

    Hope that helps.
  23. Verneverne

    Verneverne Well-Known Member

    Wyandotte auto updated to prl 3025.
  24. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    So it seems as though people will he getting the 3025 OTA. Nice. I tried the FCC speed app and the couple time I tried it force closed. But after rebooting my phone a few times and taking the battery out the regular Speed Test app shows a bit faster speeds (130-160), better then the last few days of 4 kbps - 40 kbps.

    I'm happy with just the marginal browsing speed increase. The market opens faster and even auto completes my searches now...lol.
  25. i am in Lincoln Park which is near detroit, i am also using prl 3024. and i get 3g from here to wyandotte, taylor, allen park, southgate. etc..

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