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I'm SOOOOOOOOO New to All of This!Tips

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  1. TracyKM

    TracyKM New Member

    Previously, I had a 10+year old, second hand, Samsung cellphone...I finally learned how to text on it and it died a month later, LOL. Last week I went out and got myself a Gio. I am SO new to everything to do with cell phones! So go easy on me :eek:

    My main issue right now is trying to send pictures in text messages. I can put the picture in, etc, but it says "sending"....for days....and the receiver says they never got it. She tried sending me a picture, it comes up in a box with "Download" but when I click it, it says "Unable to download. Try Later". I"m using wi-fi only, and don't want to pay data costs (I'm in Canada and it gets $$$). Picture texts were supposed to be included in my plan (Virgin)...

    Also, when I want to "share" a picture in the gallery, I get the options: AllShare (what is that?), Bluetooth, Gmail, Messaging, Picassa. No Facebook? I tried Picassa (don't have an account) and I see the Picassa screen for a moment, then it goes to "Add a Google Account"...

    You'll probably be hearing lots from me in the next few weeks! Thanks so much for any help!

  2. TracyKM

    TracyKM New Member

    I still can't send a picture text. Some of the older ones finally say "Sent..." but the receiver says they didn't get it. I haven't been able to download any pictures sent by others.

    I did download the Facebook App, so I can share that way now. Someone, somehow, loaded all the photos from my blogs onto the phone, and I can't find how to delete them...I click to select them all, click "more" and the only option is "Info". Most of the pictures are just the picture icon.

    ANy ideas?


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