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  1. Bugly

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    Less than 24 hours since I got my new RAZR...(the details of this are amazing, btw) I have rooted it successfully and am currently looking for a good ROM for a daily driver.
    The details as to how I got the new phone are priceless, I was having issues with data on my trusty old DX, since I had to go pay my bill anyway, I decided to talk to one of the verizon reps about the data loss. (3g was not working at all, and I was on .621 stock, after SBFing it to test a few theories...) anyway, I tell the guy I was a little worried that a factory reset would make it impossible to get the phone working again, as it would need data in order to set up my contacts, etc.. he asks me if he could do it and i agreed (since he has access to all the stuff needed to fix it, hehehe!) boom! the phone came to a screeching halt and data was still not working so I couldn't get my contacts or anything else. Guy felt so bad about it, he gave me a new RAZR and I got to keep my old phone, too! Now I can experiment on the X and run the RAZR for a daily! win/win!

  2. inssane

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  3. Bugly

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    I would have done the same, but I unfortunately had a bunch of errands to run right after I got it, and it did take a while to find a root method my RAZR liked. Had to try five different ones to get the one that would work.
    Fave ROM on this one? Has to have all hardware working (front and rear cams, camcorder, hdmi, etc...)
    New to RAZR, been on DroidX for a while, but it lost data capability with an experiment on a russian SBF file, weird story, but it happened....lol

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