I'm with Adobe-- A protest against insanity

  1. EMSguy

    EMSguy Active Member

    as most of you know, the new iphone/ipad/itouch sdk will be banning all applications written using anything that simply ports apps over, including apps written by porting over elements from Adobe Flash. Steve Job's insanity has gone on too long. Join the protest!

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  2. Pryomancer

    Pryomancer Well-Known Member

    Hopefully the App Store/iPhone will become so restricted that developers just stop bothering with it. The iPhone is nothing without the App Store.
  3. moijk

    moijk Well-Known Member

    I'm with Apple on this one.

    It have been many platforms that have never met its potensial because it was flooded with bad ports and conversations. And even well established ones had problems with ports. I recall getting angry when games that should have been amazing on the Amiga was bad ports from Atari which didn't have the coprocessors nor the same amazing sound.

    And look for example at picasa for mac. What runs in the background when you start it? Wine...

    And then again look at the IE for Windows vs IE for Mac back in the early 2000. It was a way better browser on Mac than on Windows when it came to standard compilance. Because it wasn't a port, it was a native application created for the platform.

    Native applications using the native libs will give most utilization pr clock cycle. It can't of course make developers make good apps. But it removes the lazy ones from the equation.

    So I like the balls Apple have to force developers onto whats actually the best for the platform, instead of allowing developers flood the application with spam-applications that does little other than cost money - for example.

    I however would rather develop in Java though, so Android is a better choice for me to develope towards. But I hope Google does something to ensure some quality on Android as well.
  4. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    I'm with adobe here. I think people are missing the real reasons why jobs is doing this.

    1.) He wants everyone to buy n overpriced underperforming mac to write his silly apps.

    2.) He knows adobe direclty threatens his app store, and mac osx in general, so he badmouths it like a little kid.

    There are no "balls" to anything steve jobs has done. Period. He's crying like a little girl, because people are besting him, AGAIN, and there's not much he can do about it. There are a lot of devs that will and are jumping ship to android. Apples iphone will be dead in the water soon enough.

    Also, there are more high quality ports, than low quality ports, and adobes software is second to none, so twhy should their app making platform be any different?
  5. moijk

    moijk Well-Known Member

    Your black/white views on things are downright scary.

    iPhone has the least commonly known language as dev platform, objective-c. Not only that, with very strict rules to get the applications approved you really put the bar high to attract developers. So when they tighten those even further, one can only describe that as having balls. They are probably sending developers to Android by the buckets, but that might not be the developers you would want. You don't want those who find using a high level tool (like adobes) so they don't have to get down and dirty with actually writing efficient code. Whats the use of having tons of applications if they are so slow, processor and battery hungry that you'll get a subpar experience with the phone.
  6. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Just because something is scary, does not make it any less truthful.

    Subpar? No... bad programmers are just bad programmers. Period. Even the highly acclaimed firefox browswer for iphone was (you guess it) not written in objective c. It is steve jobs fault for picking such an obscure language, not developers. Nor does it set any bar higher. All steve jobs is doing, is throwing a punch at adobe and everyone else trying to make a profit from the iphone unless they follow his tyrant rules.

    What's really scary is steve jobs makes it so you can't do what you want with a device you purchased.
  7. PurpleSkyz

    PurpleSkyz Well-Known Member

    I actually think both moijk and IOWA are right here, I think he is doing it for BOTH of the reason you guys are saying.

    It is obvious Steve wants to completely destroy Adobe (and replace flash with HTML5, and I think he is right, flash should have never existed it is power hungry and inefficient and not so secure, but he just seems evil in the way he goes around trying to replace it with HTML 5, as if he had personal grudges, I thought adobe was a huge part in Apples development from the biggining, anyway...)

    But I am also sick of seeing bad ports of application (not just on the phone platform) because of lazy coders, and I highly agree with what he is doing in that extent (although Im sure he does that NOW, knowing he has such a huge user base he can enforce that without the risk of every developer leaving, to protect and keep his apps on his platform, and as a company that needs to protect its self, he is right in doing that.)

    The whole 4.0 announcement is because Apple is aware of android taking over, and if they do nothing, they are killing themselves. He is taking the right decisions I think, although i still think he is evil in his doing, but then again, I dont know him.
  8. moijk

    moijk Well-Known Member

    Microsoft pushed to get OOXML approved as a standard in a process which really shows what money can buy. What they failed to do however was to make Office 2010 support the very standard they bribed and lobbied for. Why? To undermine the competition (ODF) and to make Office meet the govermental "standard document format" requirements and whatnot. That is evil.

    ISO OOXML convener: Microsoft's format "heading for failure"
  9. 3devious

    3devious Well-Known Member

    I too am sick of bad ports and firmly believe that the Playstation 1 and 2 were disasters* because anyone could and did write games for them and customers were stuck wading through tons of games that shouldn't have made it out of unit testing (or even been shown to anyone other than the developer's mother who is obligated to pretend that it is good.)

    We see it all the time in the android market. The reason we put up with it is because of the ease of access that it provides developers with less resources. There are some very skilled people out there who may just be terrible businessmen. They can't get their apps out there due to lack of a publisher. Android pretty much fixes that since you can just give stuff away if you want.

    The Playstations were in the same boat, it was easy to make games for them (a little harder to distribute them.) There were some real gems developed for those systems by absolute nobodies that we had to wade through scores of crap pumped out by EA to find but they are out there.

    I think an open platform sparks innovation. The big hurdles seem to be that content providers fear competition while consumers lack patience with fledgling products.

    *The Playstations were not investment disasters but the way that they led people to crave inferior products set gaming back at least 5 years if not 10. (Kind of reminiscent of Apple.)
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  10. PurpleSkyz

    PurpleSkyz Well-Known Member

  11. moijk

    moijk Well-Known Member

    So, the Playstation was launched in 1994. You mean it set gaming back to 1984? Sometime between Commodore 64 and Nintendo Entertainment System?

    In fact, thats just two years short of what is probably the best example on lack of quality control on any platform and what impact it can have on that platform:


    Or just five years, back to when the Amiga 1000 was launched? As an Amiga fan, I can understand that. Because the Amiga is still my primary game machine ;)
  12. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    The very definition of gaming heaven was 'Sensible World of Soccer' on the Amiga, ah the memories :)
  13. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Well to quote myself, yet again:

  14. 3devious

    3devious Well-Known Member

    Nah, I just feel that gaming is 5 years behind now. They seem to finally remember that gameplay and stability are what really make a game shine. I really do miss the Amiga, though. I laugh when I remember how incredible we thought the graphics were then.

    That was cruel of you to remind us of that ET game. They got me that for Xmas when I was a kid. Don't worry, I'll get my revenge as an only child and the person who is going to be picking the nursing home! I might fix it so that is the only thing the TVs will display!

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