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  1. noelpd

    noelpd Member

    Hey Everyone,

    Had a question. We ordered about 100 tablets for our school districts students and are wondering if anyone knows of a way to image them. Similar like you do a computer, set the image up how you need it and all of that and then clone it to other computers or in this case tablets. We purchased the Acer Iconia Tablet 10". Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. sTiNkFiZzle

    sTiNkFiZzle New Member

    I am also looking for something similar to this deploying 50 tablets in my organization.
  3. sTiNkFiZzle

    sTiNkFiZzle New Member

    This seems to be a very lacking area of Android. I am surprised I cannot find more discussion on this.

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