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Imagenio Movil appSupport

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  1. ukbirdflu

    ukbirdflu New Member

    I have this icon in my app which came with the phone, and I have been getting update notification for this app, (or now movistar imagenio), when I click update it will go to a page where it shows all my apps are up to date.

    I have not used this app and I have no intention of using it, how to I stop these update notification and can I get rid of Imagenio movil all together?

  2. ukbirdflu

    ukbirdflu New Member

    Found a solution by googling the problem, not perfect but it works.

    Load up PLAYSTORE and when you are there hit the menu button, the press settings, unclick notifications. There you will stop all update notifications.

    If you are worried about you apps needing updates, then you can periodically, go to the same screen, instead of pressing settings, press "my apps", then you will see which one needs update and you can update your apps manually.

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