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Images wont load in browser-suggestions?

  1. theDST

    theDST New Member

    Hi I've a sony ericsson xperia mini and my browser will not display any images. My phone and it's apps are fully updated. There is just a blank space where images should be, no little box with a red x in it. Occasionally if I click on an individual image it will appear(eg. in Google images). Other than that the browser works fine and there's no problem with video.

    Has anyone any suggestions?


  2. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    What browser are you using? Also, you can check its settings to see how the plug-ins are enabled, or how images are handled. Third, if have Adobe Flash installed, you can check in their for settings on images and videos as well.
  3. theDST

    theDST New Member

    You're right the problem was with Adobe. Thanks for your help.

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