Imagine getting this phone

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    Reminds me of an open house once at Patrick Air Force Base near Melbourne.

    They had all kinds of planes on static display. (It rained cats, dawgs, puppies and kittens and they had BOTH ends of a C-5A Galaxy opened up and a Whole Bunch of people went inside to stay dry.) The had the hotsy totsy cushioned display banisters strung up all around each plane separately. (These were the fighter sized planes.)

    The F117 Stealth fighter hadn't been out too long and they "had" one on display there too.

    It had the placard out front where all the specs should be and the placard said "Classified, Classified, Classified" where each spec would be.

    Behind the placard and within the bannisters there was...


    Nothing. (No plane)

    Get it? :D

    Bruce in Ocala, FL-Never say the USAF doesn't have a sense of humor
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    I tell you what it's good for. When you are sitting on the train and girl sitting across has great boobs.

    And another thing, it should be in different forum.

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