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  1. Nickelboy

    Nickelboy New Member


    New to Android, just got the EVO Monday. I'm using the built-in mail program, not sure even what it is, but the one that came with it. Anyhow first problem, when I send from EVO it puts it into the sent folder on EVO, but is not going into my IMAP sent folder on the server. It doesn't appear to be going anywhere. The thing I do notice is it appears my folders on the server are actually labeled INBOX.SENT but on phone it's only SENT even tho I can actually see INBOX.SENT on phone.

    2nd problem, on the server I have filters set up to move emails to folders. But when I receive an email in a folder other than the INBOX I do not get a notification on EVO.

    Hope that all made sense.

    Thanks for any help.


  2. Nickelboy

    Nickelboy New Member

    I just found that my sent items are going into my Gmail sent box. That makes no sense!!
  3. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Maybe gmail is set as default somhow? that doesnt make much sense to me either, you should check your smtp/imap settings under accounts from in the email program.

    As for the folders I noticed that INBOX.sent would always show email i sent from my PC and the regular sent folder would show email sent from my phone. Odd, but wasnt problematic for me.

    Not sure though how much (if any) HTC modified the default email app on your phone though.

    Sometimes they tend to mess things up with HTC Sense (imo).

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