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iMessage blocking messages from iPhoneusers!

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  1. spankedsurfer

    spankedsurfer New Member

    Hey guys!
    I just got an android again after a short trip to iPhoneland. Its awesome to be back where I started but one thing is really bugging me.

    Since I had iMessage active on my iPhone people that used iPhones sent messages to me through iMessage. Now when Im using android peoples iPhones still try and send the messages to me as iMessages even though I deactivated it and even went to the apple help-site and unregistered both my iPhone and iPad from iMessage..

    This effectively blocks anyone from sending me texts from an iPhone and the only thing that works is if people disable iMessaging on their iPhones before sending the text..

    I read alot about it on different forums but all the answers were atleast one year old so there must be something I can do?

    Please help me, this is fricking annoying!

    Cheers guys!

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    iMessaging is an apple service and can't really be accessed via an Android. People tend to choose to send that way because it uses data instead of credits. They will use credits to text you, unless you tell them to send it to you via an alternative messaging service like Viber.
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  3. gordon1257

    gordon1257 Member

    That's not really how it typically works. It's possible to explicitly send an iMessage by sending them to an email address (or by using the Messages app on a Mac), but generally users just send a message to a phone number, and iOS automatically determines whether that number can receive iMessages or not (and sends the message as a regular SMS if it can't)

    The easiest way to unregister your device if you switch to Android is to simply turn off iMessage before you switch your SIM card over from your iPhone, but doing it from the website "should" work…
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

  5. spankedsurfer

    spankedsurfer New Member

    Sure, I can tell people to disable iMessages when texting me, but its kinda hard to keep people doing that.

    There must be some sulution to this? Google the problem and you will see alot of people are having the same issues.
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    As the other poster said, disabling your iPhone account should have been telling their iPhones that you aren't using an iPhone anymore. I guess you'll have more help in an Apple forum asking how to disable iMessaging, or you can keep your iPad on iMessage so you can still receive them.

    Apple really don't want to let go of people they latched their claws on. :p

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