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  1. compgeek

    compgeek Active Member

    I message people on all differnt platforms so instead of having an app for each, I tried out both Trillian and IMO reg and Beta, so far I have the Following issues:

    Trillian - yahoo messager I can't receive pics - im not even notified but send receives a denied reply immiediately (not sure if i can send to yahoo)
    Also when emoticons are being sent back and fourth it comes up as symbols....

    IMO reg/Beta - Yahoo Messanger - Can receive pictures (not notified), sender is not notified either.
    More imoticons work but not all.
    Yahoo shows me invisible or offline and i cant find anyway to change it.

    Keep in mind that I am signed into my yahoo account on the platform and when I use the Stock Yahoo app it works fine. I can send and recieve with no issues.

    Pictures are improtant to me as my wife and other family all use Yahoo but my freinds use G+ or FB so i have those on as well.

    If I am missing something please tell me. If these apps are not capable of receiving Pics/Videos, is the a muilti-platform app that does?

  2. compgeek

    compgeek Active Member

    I forgot to add that IMO will not sync to my anndroid contacts. For instance I have a shortcut for my wife on my home screen and when i select it, it should shows all the option for that contact (Call, Email, Message, IM.....) everything else shows up but IMO. Yahoo and Trillian both show up but IMO does not.

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