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iMobsters - Post Your Code Here

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  1. T Mac

    T Mac Well-Known Member

    My iMobsters code is BY35PQ. T Mac. Add me to your Mob and we'll take the new Android iMobsters community to new levels! Everyone add your Mob codes and we'll be bigger and stronger than those iPod Mobs!

    I just changed my Mob code. I reset it the other day. I was having issues so I thought that would help but it really didn't. I have started over of course so please re add my new code.

  2. T Mac

    T Mac Well-Known Member

    ...don't forget to post your iMobsters code here so everyone can join your Mob also. If anyone has any secrets or other game info post it here too!
  3. beachbum1212

    beachbum1212 New Member

    I was just about to post a thread for this, I'm amazed there wasn't one already.

    My code is 6QQ87B

    Great game so far. :D

    Also, I'm fairly sure it's all the same, I don't think there are seperate communities between the iphone and android versions.
  4. T Mac

    T Mac Well-Known Member

    ...yeah, I know there aren't seperate Mobs between the platforms, but it sounded good!

    I am adding you now. I can't believe there aren't more people talking about this game. I will say though that my mob list went up quickly.
  5. dtrick

    dtrick New Member

    Mine is 6934R7. Please add me.
  6. mconigs78

    mconigs78 Well-Known Member

    I just added everyone on here so far. My code is BSTW9P
  7. RoidMonster

    RoidMonster Member

    Add me please :) just started game.....8KRTG5

    Added all.
  8. Stu451

    Stu451 New Member

    Added all I'm XYKGWT :)
  9. nksimp

    nksimp New Member

    hi, added all here. pls add me too
    mob code: QQ5MW4 :)
  10. whited

    whited New Member

    Hi add me: A2NJPV
  11. phone*guy

    phone*guy Well-Known Member

  12. pizzaguy903

    pizzaguy903 New Member

  13. MainFrameX

    MainFrameX Member

    added everyone so far...
    mine is:

    Reset my account
    ^^ my new one is up there now.
  14. hauser

    hauser New Member

    hello every1 - if you don't mind add me too, please :)

    my code is: S9JUPX

    thanks :)
  15. jelzy

    jelzy New Member

    Hi guys

    First post here... I've added all of the above, please add me too:


  16. stacey0313

    stacey0313 New Member

    2rxu77 add me please :)
  17. Alingge

    Alingge New Member

    I added everybody, please add me using: G89V62
  18. waysp

    waysp New Member

    Add me T5NF9E :D
  19. mross127

    mross127 New Member


    And my husband is: 3AMGHY

    And my friend is: QQMNYQ

    Don't worry, they're sitting right here and asked me to post their codes too ;0)
  20. mross127

    mross127 New Member

    ...and how in the heck can you kill somebody? Every time I get close they're always in the emergency room!!! Same with World War...
  21. klipstang

    klipstang New Member

    I've added all above, please add me and wifes..

    mine 5DR7J5

  22. e2the2nd

    e2the2nd Member

    Add away SQJA96 mob code
  23. mez

    mez Well-Known Member


    i'll add everyone i can later, currently lev 9.
  24. antonio32

    antonio32 New Member

    Hello guy's ,

    My code is 8NRF74

    Thanks :)
    MY mobster name is sjorno
  25. ltaormino

    ltaormino New Member

    please add me yhcu7j

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