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iMobsters - Post Your Code Here

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  1. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member


  2. double a

    double a New Member

    hi guys, add me please.. M3W4SM
  3. opie

    opie New Member

    Just got my droid yesterday - add me F7VK5P
  4. southphillysean

    southphillysean New Member

    Please add me VK33Y3.....i will accept everyone. thank you.
  5. bah

    bah New Member

  6. bah

    bah New Member

    Please add fejqp4
  7. hubl0018

    hubl0018 New Member

  8. rowens27

    rowens27 New Member

    The FreakParade is a new iMobster family just for Droid users. We are small, but growing and we protect our own. We will keep the farmers away so that you can have fun, make money and complete missions. Add me (5QDYYP), message me if you are interested in joining!
  9. double a

    double a New Member

    please add M3W4SM
  10. Arbor12

    Arbor12 New Member

    Just started yesterday. My Code is V745VM
  11. natebest2000

    natebest2000 Member

    bcpxja and 852abu
  12. Jabrnet

    Jabrnet Member

    I'll work on adding you all in... My code is 83KC6V

    Is there an easier way to add people in?
  13. MagneticNorth

    MagneticNorth Member

  14. jnaz123

    jnaz123 New Member

    adding what I can from above. Thanks
  15. ZChrist

    ZChrist New Member

    Hey guys, my code is 5WY2RP.

    Can anyone tell me the benefit of a large mob? Do they all fight with you?
  16. mooch126

    mooch126 Member

    must add me please hpvfsx
  17. Kurind

    Kurind Member

    5U2WDF <----- My code, add me please ;)
  18. Premonition

    Premonition Well-Known Member

    Add me please : CKNVH2
  19. Premonition

    Premonition Well-Known Member

    just one question is this a glitch in the game? i won a fight says i gained 2 skill points but when i go check in the skills section it says i have none.
    edit: nvm got it mixed up with exp
  20. VegasOnAcid

    VegasOnAcid Well-Known Member

  21. elnino

    elnino New Member

    HGXEQP add pls
  22. go_oski

    go_oski New Member

    My mob code is RHDN3W. Pls add! :)
  23. MCOR

    MCOR New Member

    Add me...
  24. sunnah

    sunnah Member

    Welcome soldiers of the Android iMobsters community. I would like you all to come join my family. I want to grow a fair a just family so if you are practicing any cheats please do not mind as I do not prefer this for my family. As a gesture of good will I have attached a text file containing all the cods from the previous pages as they were posted. I hope to see some of you soon. Take care of your self and keep up the struggle.


    Attached Files:

  25. dzznutz

    dzznutz New Member

    649c84 add me!

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