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  1. entri3

    entri3 New Member

    Adding Everyone.

    Mine is JKQ8NH

    Mobster name Entri3

  2. jwscott

    jwscott New Member

    sounds like a plan SVAYSU
  3. 69guy2010

    69guy2010 New Member

    Adding codes still, here's mine T92EHC
  4. sdcoiner76

    sdcoiner76 Member

    Add me please.

    My code is: 3CQ75S
  5. Ripper

    Ripper New Member

    New here, just got a Droid a couple days ago. Just sent requests to everybody. My code is: KRTY8A mob name is Deranged killer lvl 17 231 hitlist kills 145 mob members so far and looking for more thanks
  6. mooch126

    mooch126 Member

    please add me I have everyone above new to game need tips on how to not get my A_ _ kicked i win some but not meny. mob code CKNGK7.
  7. treb1928

    treb1928 New Member

    Please add me. DSQSYJ
  8. treb1928

    treb1928 New Member

    Please add me dsqsyj
  9. T Mac

    T Mac Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been experiencing some extra lag on my Hero since I downloaded the Storm8 games. I found that I had to go into settings/applications and delete the cache for world war and imobsters. The games store quite a bit of cache when you play them regularly and contribute to the phone becoming more slow and laggy. IMO
  10. JayLong

    JayLong New Member

    7B26YM add me Please
  11. jonzio

    jonzio New Member

    Added some my code is WGAD34 name jonzio please add me to ur mob
  12. dcomnimda

    dcomnimda Member

    Added everyone so far
    I just started yesterday :) please add me:
  13. frankiehr

    frankiehr New Member

    add almost everyone. here is my code K7CFCJ add me
  14. spizzy

    spizzy New Member

    My code is 8CHJYTPlease add me and let's dominate this thing.
  15. Rahxephon1

    Rahxephon1 New Member

    Add me add me and add me!!! my code: MSCJ7V
  16. kudd

    kudd New Member

    Add me RMY7BK
  17. dRuN

    dRuN New Member

    Let's do this! SBC6V4
  18. matt_blewster

    matt_blewster New Member

    I'm add'n ever1 on here, so PLEASE Add Me!!!
  19. matt_blewster

    matt_blewster New Member

    Does anybody have some cheat codes and if so how do u use them?
  20. ltaormino

    ltaormino New Member

    i need mob members to do more missions please add me.
    my code is nt445q
  21. fwb2006

    fwb2006 Member

    OK, added everyone on here, I am 2A37WS
  22. Jinstarro

    Jinstarro New Member


    My code is M8SXWB
  23. nibor

    nibor Member

    Im B5644B
  24. fwb2006

    fwb2006 Member

    I see Apple have 'updated' imobster so it no longer runs on Android! Anyone else have this problem?
  25. TX_prospector

    TX_prospector New Member

    Added everyone above-mentioned. Please add me 4AMKN8 and my son C7RPXW. he's just getting started. Thanks. And if you do here of any cheat codes post them.


    Droid Mobster
    Level 22

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