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  1. Medawi

    Medawi New Member

    77ywt6 add me!

  2. roldo22

    roldo22 New Member

    59E7X5 add me you won't be dissapointed!
  3. pete daddi

    pete daddi New Member

    2MH7BN Add me please, i have added loads from here and still adding as more arrive. :)
  4. Froid1955

    Froid1955 New Member

    R9XQUX Please add me.
  5. donnydablade

    donnydablade New Member

  6. Lilrican33

    Lilrican33 New Member

    Hey guys please add me H3HMD5 I'm pretty me to the game but I love it.!
  7. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    I did have this game but I had a jerkoff that was harrassing me nonstop every single day even though I put a call out to my mob I never got any help. I max hit-listed him every single day until I just got tired of wasting time so I then resetted and uninstalled the app. I am however playing world war though :).
  8. Droid1215

    Droid1215 Well-Known Member

    please add me jx62q7
  9. kico21

    kico21 New Member

    adding everyone! add me an my brother... RRPVNP and ATEMYR
  10. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

  11. freekalio29

    freekalio29 New Member

    hi im kp need help on mobsters code is hwaqes
  12. Chev

    Chev New Member

    Add me code: YD8BDC
  13. tiffylani

    tiffylani Member

    avyh35 tiffylani:p
  14. rufus215

    rufus215 New Member

    Add me
  15. MurphyTheOptimist

    MurphyTheOptimist Active Member

  16. koon-san

    koon-san New Member

    Please add this code YTFNTC

  17. wowronin

    wowronin New Member

    My iMobster code is FYTXYA

    Add me please!!
  18. nova1970sb

    nova1970sb New Member

    TN6PGM. Accepting all adds!
  19. rusher365

    rusher365 New Member

    cant say much because I am on phone but please add Y9DYEV so we can kill all ipod users! thanks for adding in advance sorry for misspelling on swype but thanks!!!
  20. momo1203

    momo1203 New Member

  21. sunnyoverdose

    sunnyoverdose New Member

    F97jys !!!!
  22. Matt13

    Matt13 Member

    Q9YVK8 just started but add me!
  23. Red-eyez

    Red-eyez New Member

    YQ49VU add me
  24. imobmobBOSS

    imobmobBOSS New Member

    ADD: G7RGE8

    Will accept quick!!!
  25. winks

    winks New Member

    add me my code is SXBMDK

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