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Import bookmarks in stock browserSupport

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  1. jrshall

    jrshall Member

    Looks like this has been asked before with no answers, so maybe it is time to ask again. Does anyone know of a way to import my PC bookmarks or the bookmarks from my tablet into the stock browser? Chrome automatically synced my bookmarks, but I can't find a way to do so with the stock browser.

    Thanks, Jerry

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    With your PC bookmarks as .html file maybe you'd like this work-around :)

    Put this line in the address field of your phone's internet browser ...

    file:///sdcard/your .html file name

    ... assuming that your .html file is in the root of SD card.
    But you can put in any other folder path.

    And don't forget to bookmark the list of bookmarks ;)


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