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Import GPX or KML with Text To Speech

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  1. Argon

    Argon New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 28, 2010
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    I'm cycling with friends of me (organized rides). but I still want to cycle those roads again. I record the track everytime through Cardiotrainer and I can export those workouts to an GPX or KML file.

    Is there a program were I can import the GPX or KML file and that program exports audio as "within 100 meters go left". A sort of GPS navigation but with audio export and the possibility to imort an GPX and/or KML file. It is necessary that the program can say it in audio and not only text because my Nexus One will be in my backpack.

    For better understanding:
    I am looking for a navigation app for Nexus One which can import gpx or KML file
    and then use the app and gps in the Nexus One for doing the same route on my bike but with an audio voice who says where I have to go.


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