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  1. pattaypest

    pattaypest New Member

    I already got my yahoo inbox email but is there a way I can add my yahoo contacts or would I have to import them into my google email any help:confused:

  2. allanlaw

    allanlaw Well-Known Member

    I concluded that I had to import them into GMail Contacts and then clean up the combined list.
  3. pattaypest

    pattaypest New Member

  4. jimwu13

    jimwu13 New Member

    I have an app in the android market that will allow you to sync your Yahoo! contacts to your Droid. Please checkout YContact. Thanks.
  5. Pixie100

    Pixie100 New Member

    Finally, I did it. Try this:
    Contrary to what many Android users believe, you can access both your free Yahoo email account and your Yahoo contacts on your Android phone. While you
    cannot access your Yahoo email account through the Android email app, you can still access all of these features using Yahoo's mobile browsing interface. Throw in the use of a few handy bookmarks and all your Yahoo resources are just a click away.

    How to Access Yahoo Contacts on Your Android Phone

    Open Yahoo Contacts on Your Android Phone

    Open your Android phone's browser and navigate to "m.yahoo.com," Yahoo's web-based email page. Tap "Mail," located in the right-hand corner. Enter your Yahoo username and password to sign in. If possible, opt to have your Android phone remember the details. Keep in mind that while this will make accessing your Yahoo mail faster, it will decrease the security on your phone as other users will be able to view your mail.

    Once signed into your mail, tap the "Yahoo!" button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select "Address Book" from the list of Yahoo applications. This will open up a list of all of your Yahoo contacts. To quickly access these anytime, create a bookmark and shortcut on your phone.

    Create a Yahoo Contacts Shortcut on Your Android Phone

    Select the "Menu" button once logged in. Then tap "Bookmarks." This will create a bookmark for your Yahoo contacts, similar to the bookmark feature on your computer's browser.

    Navigate back to your home screen, by pressing the home button (shaped like a house). Select the "Menu" button. Tap "Add," then "Shortcuts." In the "Select shortcut" window that pops up, choose "Bookmark."

    Navigate to the recently saved Yahoo contacts bookmark and tap it. A Yahoo Address Book icon will appear on your Android home screen. Simply tap it to open up your contacts. You can then scroll to your contact, open it and send an email or call the contact with the touch of a button.

    Pin Your Yahoo Mail to Your Android Phone
  6. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to. VIP Member

    Why don't you just download the yahoo mail app that's in the market? Although you can't sync your contacts to your phone, you can get to them with the app.
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  7. Peoplenaut

    Peoplenaut New Member

    Can I load my yahoo contacts into my android ?? like I do with my gmail.. So, my yahoo contacts will be on my android phone contacts ??
  8. Peoplenaut

    Peoplenaut New Member

    Can I load my yahoo contacts into my android ?? like I do with my gmail.. So, my yahoo contacts will be on my android phone contacts ??
  9. portybelle

    portybelle Member

    Very new android user so hope this makes sense! I have set up my yahoo email and get notifications no problem when I have new mail. Good start! But - I don't have my email contacts. Is there anyway to import contacts to yahoo email? I know that the yahoo app would give me access to all contacts and that I can access via the browser but I want to be able to use just the email button if poss.

    Any thoughts on the app as it has mixed reviews as far as I can see?

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