Imported contacts messed up

  1. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    hi guys,

    i've just got my htc and i'm tearing my hair out :mad:

    i've managed to export all my contacts from my nokia in an csv file to google mail perfectly. I then managed to transfer the whole 350+ contacts onto the htc hero phone. The strange thing is, htc hero has also synced and imported my email contacts too.

    My only issue is that when i now try to add my family members as my favourites, it only brings up the list of email contacts and not the rest, but if i simply went into the people widget i can see all my 350+ contacts.

    What have i done wrong? :confused:


  2. ansafmmm

    ansafmmm New Member

    Take the contacts once again (where you see Gmail contacts). Click on the 'MENU' button, Take View and untick unwanted keeping the wanted.
    So the summary is
    Phone>>Menu(Button on phone)>>View
    Hope that solves the problem
  3. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    hi and thanks for replying mate, but i can't find this option. When i click MENU, then i simply get a choice of eithier ALL, FAVOURITES, GROUPS, EVENTS or CALL HISTORY icons. Where is this VIEW option?
  4. ansafmmm

    ansafmmm New Member

    Sorry at First.
    Take People>>'MENU'>>View
    See if you see View now. Take People instead of Phone.
  5. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    yeah thank u mate, but google is already ticked and it shows 350+ contacts, yet i when i try to add these to favourites, i'm shown an empty list
  6. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    can anyone pls help me here?

    Thank u
  7. ansafmmm

    ansafmmm New Member

    Sorry for the delay Hero.
    Well its working fine in my phone. Did you update ROM or firmware recently?
    I have not yet and have heard about some features being hung at there.
    Try using all the options in View and see if you can add to favourites.
    1) Tick only Phone contacts
    2) Tick only Sim contacts.
    3) Tick only Email contacts
    Is android market installed in your phone?
  8. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    no the orange rom is already uptodate.

    Android market is definately installed. I'm just think if its the .csv might not have properly exported to googlemail, although when i check the numbers on the phone, they all seem fine.
  9. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    hi again,

    i've realised the problem contacts.csv file is messed up, so the numbers are stored in the "General Notes" column instead. How can i fix this? Can someone pls give me a screenshot of what the CSV should look like?
  10. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    Depends what you are viewing it in to be honest. If you open it in Excel each piece of informatio should appear in a seperate cell in colums i.e Title | Forename | Surname | Number.

    If you open it in notepad or a similar text editor, you would see each entry on a differant line, with each element in speech marks, followed by a comma:

    "Mr", "John", "Smith", "01234567890"

    Hope this helps, let me know if it needs explaining furthur (it's quite hard to get across in a forum!)
  11. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    Hi mate. Below is what i exported from nokia, using PC Suite...does the CSV format look correct?

    Once google had imported the CSV file, i re-exported to another CSV file to see how google saw the CSV is what it looks like (Notice how the numbers are added into the "Notes" Column:

    Personally i think there's something wrong on the PC Suite side, but i need your opinion and advice on how i could fix this.
  12. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    Firstly, could you reduce the mage size as they arte far too big for this forum.

    Secondly, yes they don't appear to be compatible. The format isn't the same between the two. What I would do is do an export from Google, and try and translate the information you have exported from you old phone to the spreadsheet you geet from google. Just open them both up in excel and try and put the information in the correct column, then reimport it into google.
  13. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    vido mate, i've solved the problem! hurray!!!

    I ditched the idea of using CSV files totally. Instead i exported from nokia pc suite straight to outlook and then used HTC SYNC Manager to synchronise calender and contact its done it perfectly!! Thank u so much!

    Now for my other problems regarding dialpad, reception etc, shall i start a new thread?
  14. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    Probably a good idea, make sure there not posted elsewhere first though ;)
  15. htchero123

    htchero123 Well-Known Member

    cheers mate will do...thanks a million

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