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  1. ichanged

    ichanged Member

    Hi All. I wish to upgrade from ICS to JB, but my phone is an import. It came from Hong Kong and I am in New Zealand. It is not contracted to a phone company. Kies is updated to latest version, but has the message:

    'Your device's current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies'

    Current firmware version: PDA:LPY / PHONE:LPT / CSC:LPY (KOR)

    I have tried using the phones own WIFI update service (with New Zealand as the region), but says 'no update available'.

    The update is available here in NZ at present through phone companies.

    Thanks for reading, hope you can help. ichanged (from iphone)

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    I'm wondering if 1. a phone carrier will be willing to put you on contract, making your device eligible for the upgrade, and 2. you are willing to go on contract for that purpose, and 3. your Chinese device will even have the ability to accept the new OS successfully.
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  3. Crewmeal

    Crewmeal Active Member

    Do yo u have sim only options in NZ? They are 30 day rolling contracts which ususally have all the benefits of a 2-3 year contract, but for 30 days only. You might try to upgrade software using the phone's upgrade - settings - about phone - software update. Kies is a pain. Most of the time I can't connect my phone to it.
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  4. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

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  5. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    I live in Singapore. My GN is imported from Germany. My phone only is used on Wifi. I only use it for a glorified media player because it is a very crappy phone at best. Anyway mine sits on my desk and I use it solely for playing MP3's, and online music via the web. Saturday was the first time I looked at it in months. It said "Update is available" (The update came over Wifi, because there is no SIM installed). It took the update and now I have JB.

    So to answer your questions:

    Yes, an import can take updates.
    No you do not need service.

    Did anyone have a different experience?
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  6. ichanged

    ichanged Member

    Good idea, but they would not offer to do this when I asked, unless I bought one of their devices on a plan...
  7. ichanged

    ichanged Member

    Unable to do the (crewmeal) idea. I might get someone (a bit more tech patient) else in my locality to try (HH's) idea, as I did contact the importer (who lives in another city, meaning 2-3 days without my phone) who probably uses the Odin method.....thanks.
  8. ichanged

    ichanged Member

    I did try this idea and will try it again in another WiFi network (as I think this one was a bit weak on signal?), but the 1st attempt on phones update settings was unsuccessful. As it has now become obvious I'll be able to update (one way or another) without a phone contract, I will close this request and update (no pun intended) when I am updated to reveal the method used. Thanks everyone for your input....
  9. blissent1977

    blissent1977 New Member

    I'm in the US and I got my 4.1.2 update today. I have the International version (N7000) and have had to deal with Gingerbread 2.3 since I bought it from Newegg. So today, I got a notice and flippantly hit OK thinking it was an app update until it took awhile and the droid showed up.. I'm not on AT&T or any other "big" company and I didn't use Kies (I don't think the N7000 is supported on Kies anyways.. It would say something like, Your device does not support initializing or something like that when I tried before) so the only way I see it came through was because its registered at the Samsung site.

    If you have an N7000, then you already know how long we've been waiting for this. I opted to not use any of the hacks provided that were unofficial. Anyways.. going from 2.3 to 4.1.2 is remarkable. Now I can finally watch Time Warner Live TV on the go.

    If you haven't got the update yet.. go register the device at Samsung and you should be all set.

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