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  1. Hello, I got an SGS4 on Friday and have since been unsuccessful in my attempts to import bookmarks into the standard Samsung browser. In the SGS3 there was an option to sync with Google bookmarks

  2. Atma

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    Hi typswif2fingrs :wavey:

    I moved your thread to the correct S4 forum for you.

    I never use the stock browser and don't have it on my phone. Maybe someone here can answer. :)
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    It's a pain in the derriere! The stock internet browsers in both the S2 and S3 had this feature to sync bookmarks with your Chrome browser, which was very useful. However, this feature has been omitted on the S4 and I have installed the Google Chrome browser, free, from the Play Store.
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  4. Thanks guys... I gave up and switched to Chrome... The smartscroll will have to wait :)

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