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  1. molko

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    I have just replaced my old phone with a new HTC Hero. Is there a way of importing all my contacts from CSV onto my HTC Hero without uploading them to googlemail ?

    I was hoping there would be some software that i could install onto my PC, which would allow me to transfer the contact details across.

    I dont really want to manually type then in on the HTC Hero, although i dont mind cut'n pasting from my CSV file into some appropiate software - if such a thing exists.


  2. Xyro

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    Yeah, you can do this :)

    Go to gmail (on your pc), sign in, click on contacts and then import. You can upload all your contacts there as a .csv and they'll be synced to your phone (or any future android phone) as soon as you conect to the internet.

    You have to use the same gmail account and have syncing enabled in the settings for this to work of course :)
  3. molko

    molko New Member

    Thanks for a very quick reply.

    Is there a way of not doing via Google ? I dont really want all my contact details stored on a Google Server .

  4. Xyro

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    Hmm, I'm not sure. I think you can import them to Microsoft outlook and sync that way. But other people will have a better idea of how that works, I've always used google.
  5. mez

    mez Well-Known Member

    yeah you can import them to your outlook contacts, then using htc sync transfer them to the phone, if you have windows xp its really easy, win7 is a bit more of a pain in the ... but it still works.
  6. liorweitz

    liorweitz New Member

    you need to go to
    manu-setting-application-development-usb debugging, and v it.
    now connect your Hero with USB to the PC and wait. and than a window will apper and you just need follow the instruction.
    (i assume that you have windows XP if not, so i dont know what you can do)
  7. Use the application Import Contacts from Android market (no cost) to import CSV contacts directly to your phone. Just put the CSV or VCF files into the scard on a folder or not. Contacts (at least as nokia exports) go in VCF format.



    There are other similar applications like Go Contacts or the native one but notice that those separate the phone number by hyphen each 3 numbers (555340340 goes to 555-340-340) that is not good.
  8. frigginjunkmai

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    This program doesn't import CSV at all. I don't know what you've been smoking.
  9. I am sorry for the mistake, Import contacts doesn't import Comma Separated Values at all. The problem is, some files have .csv extension but internally are VCF.

    In order to import successfully CSV (Comma separated values) you need to convert it first to VCF, for example with this software:

    CSV2VCF | Free software downloads at
  10. darmic

    darmic New Member

    Thanks for your help. I tried doing the procedure suggested on my HTC wildfire, i.e. I used HTC sync to export my phone contacts to MS Outlook, exported the outlook contacts to a CSV files and uploaded them to my google account contacts.

    (In the people app, I selected View>Google Contacts).

    In the meanwhile, I deleted all my phone contacts. Do you think that doing so was a good idea?
  11. ace8395

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  12. msgate

    msgate New Member

    CSV file from NOKIA doesn't sync properly. Use VCF files.

    Things I have tried:

    1. Contacts as .CSV file

    1) Export Contacts from NOKIA as .csv and .txt files via USB connection using PC Suite
    2) Upload .CSV file to Google Contacts
    3) On the ANDROID phone: go to Settings>Accounts & Sync>AccountName press Sync Contacts which syncs phone with Google Contacts

    Result: Contacts synched however phone number details be it mobile, landline, fax, work or home are saved in notes field of that contact.

    2. Contacts as .VCF or vCard

    METHOD 1 - ImportContacts Worked for me!

    1) Connect NOKIA phone to PC via USB Connection
    2) Go to Phone Storage with a PC and find and copy .VCF files
    3) Connect ANDROID phone to PC and paste .VCF files to it
    4) On ANDROID phone: Download ImportContacts from Google Play Market
    5) Launch ImportContacts and follow instructions
    Do not lock or auto-lock your phone, it may abort the import process.

    An error may occur with vCards named improperly, e.g. "(безимени)1.vcf".

    METHOD 2

    1) Repeat steps 1,2,3 in Method 1
    2) Upload .vcf or .vCard files to Google Contacts one by one (apparently Google does not allow to import multiple .vcf files)
    3) ANDROID phone: Sync Contacts in Settings

    Conclusion: Syncing contacts should not be so burdening. I also have NOKIA X3 and I could not extract or export .VCF files out of it. Hence, my only option is to use .CSV method above and editing every contact in Google Contacts.

    I need to try converting .CSV into .VCF files. Already have tried this with Notepad and WordPad to no avail.
  13. AMAS88

    AMAS88 New Member

    I am Spaniards and I dont speak really well but Ill try to do my best to express what I did.

    My Android version: 2.3.7. I have been all day trying to import 4788 contacts to my phone.. je! I found here the best advices but I found someting that I think, it would be good to share.

    If you want import contacts from a excel or CSV document You need, first of all to combert to .VCF or VCARD.

    When you copy and past contents into a text editor, and save them to your computer You only need conect your mobile by USB and copy/past the document on the Internal mobile memory.

    Finally, turn of the USB and turn to the Internal Memory and "click/touch" the .VCF document. While the mobile "read" the documents, they will be copying automatically on your Contacts.

    I hope you can understand all the process...

  14. AMAS88

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  15. drpradip

    drpradip New Member

    Using nokia suit and nbu explorer I converted nbu file to csv format . Using Mobogenie copied folder containing csv files to SD card. Now using android phone opened file manager and copied csv files, then opened contacts and pasted all copied files and contacts are ready. Other web base applications are useful for 5 contacts only.:)
  16. Nightflame

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