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  1. themightybaggins

    themightybaggins New Member

    hi all, i just got my new G1 today (yay), but i cant figure out how to put my contacts from my old phone (lg viewty) to the g1? im not too worried about all the g.mail stuff and adding e mail addresses, birthdays etc etc,

    i just want the names and phone numbers!!! ive transfered all the contacts onto the sd card, but i cant get them from the sd card to the g1! ive tried sending them over by bus. card but apparantly the g1 doesnt do bus. cards! (as a side note, i cant get the bluetooth to work either!!)

    im usually pretty good with phones and stuff, but i cant figure this one out!!

    can anyone help?

    pleeeeeeaseeee!!!! i really dont want to have to manually type in every number!

  2. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    as far as numbers and contacts you cant save them to your sim on the g1 everything is connected to gmail so set up a gmail account or use your current one if you have it.... import the info and sync it to your phone.... as for blue tooth...
    1) go to main settings
    2) go to wireless controls
    3) select bluetooth to enable the service
    4) go to bluetooth settings and you should get it from there...
  3. themightybaggins

    themightybaggins New Member

    my old phone is an LG viewty, i dunno where that comes in the smart/dumb phone scale!!

    how do i get my contacts from the lg (or my sd card) into g mail?

    i found the bluetooth settings, turned it on, paired the two phones (yay) but when i try to send something, a bus. card, or a photo, it just says failed!!! prehaps its faulty?
  4. rdfry1

    rdfry1 Member

    Bluetooth function on this phone is limited at this time to headsets. You cannot transfer files between phones using bluetooth, this has not been implemented yet.
  5. derkk

    derkk Active Member

    You should be able to do with your SIM card. If you cannot, just type your contacts into your GMAIL contacts. It's faster then doing it on the phone. They will then sync down to your G1.
  6. DynaBass139

    DynaBass139 Member

    If your computer has bluetooth send them to your computer or get them into microsoft outlook. Once there goto file, export, export as a file, windows csv file, the save it to whereever. Goto and login, goto contacts, on the right hand side the is Import Contacts, browse for the csv file and then you will be down wait a few seconds and they will be on your g1.

    tip: if the contacts in outlook do not have a last name they will not import correctly they will just have the phone number. If you open the csv file in excel and input a letter of some sort in the field resave and then import you will be fine or you can manually enter the last name in outlook then export the csv file.

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