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  1. pdh

    pdh New Member


    can't seem to find this info online or maybe I haven't found the right query format ...

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Xperia Mini.

    I have a large-ish number of contacts stored in a from-the-ark motorola v3 - not on the sim, in the 'phone.

    is it possible to import contacts to the Xperia Mini via CSV file?
    Or am i going to be restricted to batching them onto the sim and transfer that way?


  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Technically you can import from a .CSV file on the memory card, however I had mixed results with this. To be on the safe side I would back them up to the SIM as well in case this does not work.
  3. pdh

    pdh New Member

    after a bit of thought the obvious thing surfaced ... suck the contacts list out of the old moto as csv, slurp it into gmail and then sync with the mini ...

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