Importing Facebook Pictures into Contacts?

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  1. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    I know my girlfriends HTC Hero uses the profile pictures of her Facebook contacts for the pictures in her contacts on her phone. Is there any way to do this on the droid? I signed into the facebook app, but beyond that I don't know what to do.


  2. X3RO

    X3RO Member

    Yes, when you are in the facebook app (that came on the droid) go to settings and there should be an option.
  3. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Alternatively, you can go into settings, accounts and sync, and make sure your Facebook account is set to auto sync.
  4. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    It is set to auto sync. But it has only synced a very small portion of my contacts' pictures. It will sync more if I go into facebook and do Sync All but I don't want all the random contacts I have in facebook in my phone. I just want the contacts that I have in my phone to sync with their pictures in facebook
  5. rawness

    rawness Well-Known Member

    First, the names must be exactly the same (unless someone knows how to manually link them)

    Second I have noticed that only some of mine linked photos, and I think it has something to do with that persons facebook account settings. There were some where it linked the contact but didn't show a photo. But if I click on the contact, then go back to my contact list, there picture will show up.
  6. Deofol

    Deofol Active Member

    I noticed the same thing. It seemed like if the contacts in Gmail already had images it uses those, if they do not it uses Facebook.

    I would prefer to just use all images from Facebook since people rarely update their Google images. :\
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  7. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    What's weird is if I go to the person's facebook page through the contacts page it will update his/her photos. But it won't do it by itself. Really don't want to have to do that for allllll my contacts :(
  8. rawness

    rawness Well-Known Member

    Yea, that's what I was trying to articulate above.

    Most of mine, did so automatically, but some didn't. Also, there are at least 2 contacts that don't link to Facebook, despite having the exact same names. If I go to their name in my contacts, I don't even see a "go to their Facebook profile" option.

    I think these things are bugs that could/should be resolved.
  9. scheng12

    scheng12 Well-Known Member

    You can set it so your contact list only shows contacts that has people's numbers instead of every single facebook contact
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  10. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Well-Known Member

    How do I get it to re-import the Facebook contacts??
  11. Deofol

    Deofol Active Member

    Log out of Facebook app, and back in.
  12. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Well-Known Member

    Thanks, that got me closer, but still doesn't seem like it's bringing in all my current contacts pictures. I guess I could do it again,and select synch all, instead of synch only existing, but that seems a little scary :-/
  13. Deofol

    Deofol Active Member

    You can always change the sync back and it will remove them. It never actually imported the facebook contacts to my gmail.
  14. Deofol

    Deofol Active Member

    The only sure fire way to ensure your contact uses the facebook image, that I have found is;

    * Open Gmail, goto contact in question, Change Picture, and select, None
    * Wait about 3-5 minutes and the Droid contact will start using the Facebook image.
  15. nader2013

    nader2013 Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know how to make a persons most recent profile picture update to be your contact picture?
  16. nstallion

    nstallion Well-Known Member

    It should do it automatically. I'm not sure how often it syncs though.
  17. nader2013

    nader2013 Well-Known Member

    Mine hasn't updated the photos in 3 months :eek: . Any ideas/suggestions?
  18. nstallion

    nstallion Well-Known Member

    Maybe go into the facebook app, unsync them and then resync.
  19. mastawyrm

    mastawyrm New Member

    Yep the name is important. More specifically, facebook often has first and last names, if you edit the normal contact you have to put both names in the first name box rather than use the last name box for the last name.
  20. nader2013

    nader2013 Well-Known Member

    Already tried that many times... no success :(
  21. johnnybirdman

    johnnybirdman Well-Known Member

    have you tried syncmypix from the market. works to update facebook pics for contacts AND adds them to gmail contacts.
  22. growler13

    growler13 Well-Known Member

    You should just be able to click on contact, view information, then hit the menu button and edit contact, hit the menu button again and theres an option called join that will then ask you to merge a contact in your phone book to a contact in your facebook. Thats what I had to do
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  23. leoninter

    leoninter Member

    I have friends with Facebook pics that are sweeping landscape vistas (here I am at Mr. Rushmore) that are useless to tell who they are. I want to edit there contact photo back to a face pic but now when I try Contacts force closes on me.

    I tried fix permissions as I am on cyanogenmod 5.0.8 but still force closing. Could it be because of the facebook sync to the pic.
  24. Jaws4God

    Jaws4God New Member

    This worked perfectly! Thank you!!
  25. d1rxt3r

    d1rxt3r New Member

    Just got this, probably already solved by now,but... if you go to contacts,then menu, in the lower left there is "get friends".tap this and hit your facebook account,you can "select all". it will update with pics. But if name is different, it will create another entry. Hope this helps. thanks for all the help i have received on this site.

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