Importing Facebook Pictures into Contacts?

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  1. number1dancer22

    number1dancer22 New Member

    Does anyone know how to get the facebook sync to work so that their profile pictures are their contact pictures. I know that I click on settings and then go under accoutns & sync. once I get to the facebood one I try to sync it, It always says Syn is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly. Well... it's been like that for a week... this is is a brand new phone!

  2. MaxRabbit

    MaxRabbit Member

    Yes. As johnnybirdman said, syncmypix works perfect.
  3. javaman70

    javaman70 Member

    Select contact, menu, edit contact, menu, join and select correct contact and it will join them.
  4. jonr

    jonr Active Member

    I'm going through this now... shouldn't the facebook contacts photos be cached somewhere?
  5. MaxRabbit

    MaxRabbit Member

    Just use syncmypix.
  6. kess88

    kess88 New Member

    I got a new Android phone and this problem has been bugging me for weeks. I have one contact that I communicate with a lot and that contact's picture was not syncing from Facebook. I finally figured out a fix after trying everything I could think of.

    All I did: Go to the person's entry in your contacts, edit contact, and simply add a space after the contact's last name.

    I believe the problem was because this person had her maiden name also on her Facebook profile. So, I noticed that on Facebook, her name is listed as: Married Name (Maiden Name) -- with a space before the parentheses. So, I just added a space to the contact's last name (married name) in my phone, and synced with Facebook again, and it showed up right away!

    I'm not saying this is the solution to everyone's problem, but it fixed mine and it's worth a shot.
  7. marl0195

    marl0195 New Member

    Found the answer to this question:

    1- make sure settings are set to allow sync in the app
    2- make sure settings are set to allow to sync to mobile in Facebook
    3-- go to contacts menu in your phone and click on a contact you know is in your Facebook account.
    Click edit in the menu section and then find "linked contacts"
    Click that. Then it will show possibilities (twitter, other linked contact #, etc). If no Facebook icon shows up then click "add link contact"
    Then up at the top it should say "Get Friends"
    Click that.
    Then it should have "contacts Facebook Twitter" (others if you have other accounts set up---- I only have twitter and facebook).
    Click Facebook
    Then it will pull up all of your Facebook friends & their pictures.
    Then you will go through the list and check each friend you want to sync over to your contacts.

    It worked for my Samsung Fascinate and I am very new to Android.

    Hope it works for everyone else.
  8. marl0195

    marl0195 New Member

    PS -- I did not have to change any of the contacts information ( last name, etc ) and it synced.
  9. droid'newbie

    droid'newbie Member

    Is there a way to keep the contacts from switching to their facebook names when you link them? A few for some reason when I linked kept the contact names they had in my phone, but a majority of my 100+ switched to their FB name.
  10. HarpoVal

    HarpoVal New Member

    Ah ha! Found it!

    Home > Settings > Account > Menu > Picture Source > Facebook

    That did it!!!
  11. kenspos

    kenspos New Member

    I have found that with my Droid X, you need to use the native Facebook application that comes on Droid in MY ACCOUNTS to set up first before you ever install the Android Market FB app.

    The native FB application will import your facebook contacts automatically and give the option to use FB as the picture source.

    You need to setup the native application first for it to work, then you can download the Android Market FB and install to have the better FB options. But the market FB one does not appear to sync with Contacts.

    If you have the Market version installed, uninstall it. Then delete the account in MY ACCOUNTS and start it over from step 1.
  12. fritzy4life

    fritzy4life New Member

    If anyone is looking for a full screen picture ID application, try CALLSOCIAL - Facebook in the market, if you search call social as 2 words you will not find it, this app works great, best picture ID app for android.
  13. rovrhys

    rovrhys Well-Known Member

    or just go to a message from them and navigate to their Facebook from the message. it should bring the picture back when you exit
  14. nester

    nester New Member

    For everyone trying to get facebook pics on your android contact list this is the only thing that worked for me so easy so simple, searched for days to figure this out. The whole time it was right in froont of my face. Thank you so much for this info you are the best!
  15. goodtimingman

    goodtimingman New Member

    My honeycomb contacts list doesn't have a menu as you describe,
    There is a settings button but it doesn't have any get contacts selection.

    Also, my settings > accounts dos not have Facebook entryies, and no way to add them.
  16. VinayArali

    VinayArali New Member

    I agree to this.

    Hold on, Some case inspite selecting none in Gmail account will still not pick the facebook profile picture. Here is what I did to fix in this case..

    I suffixed the contact name with Aplha-Numeric character. Example: I changed the name "Kyle XY" to "Kyle XYa" then it picked up the facebook profile. I tried with special character but some worked :)D).. "Kyle XY" to Kyle XP:D"
    You need to do this changes in Gmail contacts.
    It seems there's a bug (between Android & Facebook link) which need to be address.

    Till fix is out hope this temp solution will help you out... :)
  17. vanderveenre

    vanderveenre New Member

    I have a Samsung Infuse and I was able to edit a contact's default info such as Name, Phone#, E-mail. Under the name I could select either the info from my phone, or the info from the e-mail address (facebook account). Hope this helps.
  18. aznbatman

    aznbatman New Member

    I had this problem for awhile and the app I was happiest with was Contapps. After you install it, go to the settings menu there is a Facebook Sync Option. The reason I like it so much is because it's the only app I could find that will sync High Resolution photos as people's contact pictures. Enjoy!!!
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  19. DocFrankie

    DocFrankie New Member

    How do I sync my facebook contact photos with my Nexus? Also it won't respond when I click on the sync account list to add facebook to it. Please help!
  20. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    I mite have to check this app outvI hate seeing just the ugly blank icon next to my contacts and I don't want to text everyone askin for pics(especially my guy friends lol) only thing my internal memory is like super low every time I dl a app I gotta delete one to make the low disk space icon to go away, I hope the makers of the app fix that little issue, was using friendcaster which has been the "ish" but lately I get notifications waaaaay late sometimes double notifications smh if they ever fix that bug ill go back
  21. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    upon dwnloading and installing I began to notice u have to use the actual app to display contact pics. I thought the app synced contact pictures to ur actual phone I could be wrong but I un installed before the sync was all done somebody correct me if I'm wrong
  22. Rezman

    Rezman New Member

    I had the problem where the Facebook app would download all my contacts but none of their profile photos. Removing and resyncing didn't help. So out of the blue I just logged out of my Facebook account on the app and then back in. It asked what kind of sync I wanted to do, I selected sync all. Now everything is fine. All Facebook contacts with profile photos are syncing like they should.

    Facebook App v1.8.1
    HTC Thunderbolt
  23. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    Which Facebook app do you use? I hate having to go to the persons fb page and downloading a pic
  24. Rezman

    Rezman New Member

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  25. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

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