Importing .m3u playlists: Is it even possible?

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  1. JadeEyedWolf

    JadeEyedWolf Well-Known Member

    For those of you who want a little story, read the little rant that is about to follow. Otherwise, by all means skip to "Long story short."

    So, back in the day, when the first iPod Video came out, I thought it was about high time for me to join the whole "iRevolution" bandwagon. I mean, how cool would it be that I could FINALLY have a slick little device that I could put in my pocket and take with me everywhere which played ALL of my media? When it all first came out, such an idea was incredible, and I wanted to be a part of that. This was to be my first (and last) Apple device, and as such, I had never futzed around with iTunes ever before, because my media library was already well developed and existed even before the iPod's inception.

    I have always been an avid Winamp user. It is, and always has been, a powerful, open-ended, lightweight and, for me, a familiar and simple-to-use program. As such, my entire media library consists of many many .m3u playlists and file formats ranging from everything from your typical mp3's, to wma's, too .ogg's and .flac's, all of which the mighty Android has no problems playing back whatsoever (which, in the case of the .flac and .ogg's was quite a pleasant surprise for me!). So, when I plugged in my iPod for the first time, I thought it would be just as easy as taking my root media folder and simply dragging and dropping the whole thing onto the device. Why shouldn't it be that simple? After all, this is Apple, the monarch of simplicity! So, I anxiously wait several hours while all my stuff copies over to the iPod, and finally when it finishes, I check it out, only to discover that NONE of my media is accessible on my iPod. Angry, and frustrated, I do some research which led me to discover that there was in fact nothing wrong with my iPod at all. The problem was that I absolutely needed to use iTunes to put all my media onto the device, AND I had to convert EVERYTHING over to the iTunes format. Really? Seriously!? When I discovered that iTunes estimated it would have taken at LEAST two weeks to perform a complete conversion of everything, assuming it went flawlessly, and without any interruptions or any other unforeseen issues, I decided F### THAT $###!!! I want my $300 back! And from that day forward, as if to avoid the plague, I have steered clear of owning ANYTHING with a lower case "i" in the front of it. Anyway, enough of a rant...

    Long story short:

    Is there some way to get .m3u playlists to work on the Captivate? I used to have a Nokia E71, and on that phone .m3u playlist importation/creation/recognition was breeze; just copy your files to your sdcard, load them up in Winamp, save a playlist file on the sdcard. 1, 2, 3, done! Now however, I find myself futzing around with tag editors, which although they work (sorta kinda), they're awkward and complicated compared to just creating a play list in Winamp, and clicking "Save Playlist."

    There has to be some easier way.... Can someone help please? I'm using Winamp. Thanks in advance!!


  2. JadeEyedWolf

    JadeEyedWolf Well-Known Member

  3. Android_J

    Android_J Well-Known Member

    It doesn't seem like you can import playlists, which is extremely LAME. The short answer would be to create a playlist in the music player on the phone itself.

    DoubleTwist and isyncr seem to be the only apps that can sync playlists external to the phone.

    I have no experience with either program myself but check them out and see if one meets your needs.
  4. JadeEyedWolf

    JadeEyedWolf Well-Known Member

    Wow, that... really sucks...
  5. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the Kies program?? Not sure if that will do it or not.
  6. alexjd500

    alexjd500 New Member

    hey jade
    i was having the same problem, all i did was make a playlist in itunes, export the playlist, change the save file as .m3u and saved it to my phones music library. as long as all the songs on the .m3u are on your phone then after a couple minutes the playlist will appear in your winamp menu screen.

    good luck!

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